New World Natives

Anasazi, Adena, Hopewell, Mississpians,


Ancestor of Pueblo

They constructed dams, ditches, and canals to help water their crops.

Their houses were made from adobe and stone. They were apartment like structure's.

Anasazi's main city was, Pueblo Bonito. It was the heart of their civilization, housing more than a thousand people.

From there they built trading routes, they traded their turquoise jewelry, woven baskets, and pottery.


Eastern Woodland Peoples

They lived in the Ohio valley region during 700 B.C.

They grew sunflowers, squash, and barley.

They made and traded copper jewelry and fine pottery.

They also created huge burial mounds made of log structures.


Eastern Woodland Peoples

They lived in Ohio Valley around 300 B.C.

They built mounds up to forty feet high and 100 ft wide.

The recovered artifacts suggest that they had a extensive trade network.

Adena and the Hopewell are considered to as "Mound Builders".

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Natives of Mississippi

They arrived at Mississippi by 800 A.D

They had plants that are used for healing and as table items (Food) but when their population increased they added beans and maize to their diet.

They needed more land when their population increased

That resulted in more cites. They had up to ten thousand people dwelling in them. The largest was Cahokia.

In the middle of Cahokia, there was a huge mound, larger than the Great Pyramid, it was 100 ft by 14 acres.

It was surround by one hundred and twenty more, but smaller, mounds.

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