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The Sixth Grade Newsletter

This newsletter provides information on activities and concerns of sixth grade students and teachers. For more detailed information on individual subject areas, please refer to the teacher's School Fusion page, linked beneath their picture below. For information on school wide events and initiatives, please visit the Pennington homepage. If you have a question or concern, please email us directly using the information below.

Mr. Anderson - Language Arts

Students are enjoying reading Al Capone Does My Shirts. Students should be wrapping up this week and ready to take a quiz Thursday. Mr. Anderson will return on Friday.

Ms. Bosse - Math

REGULAR MATH 6- Began our Equations and Inequalities unit. We tackled representing solving pictorially with scales, cups, and chips. We moved into the rules and using inverse operations on Friday. We will continue to practice our new skill next week. We did not quiz this week, but will quiz on Wednesday of next week.

EXTENDED MATH 6- We are shortening the Integer Operations unit and taking a Quiz on Monday. We will start the block with a review activity. We'll be jumping into the Solving Equations unit.

Mr. Cardone - Social Studies

Next week we will wrap up out unit on the colonies by having the test on Friday. Wednesday's class we will review the notes they took Friday on the relationship with England and will also take a short quiz on that material. Our next unit will be on the Revoltionary War.

Mr. Cardone - Science

We will be beginning our new unit on Earth's Water by taking a look at the properties of water as well as its actions in weathering. Retakes will begin as well, students will need to look at the student portal for testing to see what sections they can retake. All students should have their log-in number in their agenda and the password is their date of birth.

Introduction to World Languages – 6th grade – 18 weeks

We just started 3rd quarter classes. We focused on methods of communication this week.
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Library Hosts Book Exchange on Friday, February 26

Students tired of their old books and looking for something “new” to read are invited to participate in the Library's annual book exchange.

Students may start bringing in their books now. One book equals one exchange credit. Please limit yourself to five books. They may be used but must be in good condition. Items may be declined at the discretion of the library staff. Students will visit the library with their classes on the 26th and may “shop” with their exchange credits.

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Lahann (

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