My Day That Was "Okay"

By: Emily Cox

Already Breaking the Rules

My day starts off at 0430 every morning to make it to PT (Physical Training) and I had to use my phone alarm clock to wake me up because there is no way I am willingly going to wake up that early. I also went to the gym three times within this twenty-four hour period.
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Well I Need Clean Clothes

I like most people took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and did my laundry that was probably way past due. Not only were my clothes clean, but I actually made a new friend in the laundry room while waiting out the last five minutes to the cycle.

Becoming a Bookworm

I managed to get all of my reading materials completed for all of my classes. I then decided that I would spend a little time doing some reading for "fun." If anybody knows me then they know that I do not read unless it is absolutely necessary so I decided to give it a try considering the fact that I still had hours to go in this project and it wasn't as bad as I thought. The book that I chose was actually quite good and I read at least hundred pages.

A Real Life Cinderella

I normally keep my side of the room clean, but since I had nothing else to do I cleaned that room in a way that would make Cinderella look like a slob. I swept and scrubbed those hardwood floors. I cleaned our bathroom too in every single corner. It still smells like the citrus Pinesol when you walk into the room.
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A Taste of Heaven

I had some much needed bonding with my roommate that night and we went and got some chocolate chip cookies to bake. Afterwards we sat and ate our cookies on our floor with all the pillows on the floor and our milk which I made her buy me from the vending machines with my App card. We sat and talked for nearly three hours with just about everything and it was honestly probably the best part of this whole experience.
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What Did I Think?

Even though this experience went way better than I thought it was going to, it still was terrible. I have realized that I probably have an unhealthy addiction to my technological devices, but besides having the little bit of social interaction with my roommate and that random person in the laundry room, I was absolutely bored out of my mind. I feel like this project would have been a bit easier had everybody on campus not had any devices for twenty-four house as well. It is really hard to talk to somebody while they are searching on Facebook or whatever just to escape a what they think might me an awkward conversation. Overall I did not like this project, but it has defiantly opened my eyes to a lot more and not to take advantage of what I have.