by: Derek Przesmicki

History of Disney

Disney was started in 1923 in Kansas City by Roy and Walt Disney. Their goal was to make animated films for kids. They started with a couple thousand dollars, and a second hand camera.

Progression of Disney

They started with their most famous character, Micky Mouse. They also created Alice's Wonderland, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Snow White, and other movies. Now they have theme parks in Disney World and Disney Land. Disney is now producing the new star wars movies.

Impact on Society

Micky Mouse became famous. Kids singing songs, first cartoon with sound, products showing up everywhere.

Roy and Walt Disney

They started the company to make animated films. They started in Kansas City and then they took Disney and Micky Mouse to Hollywood.


Their best seller was Micky Mouse and Micky Mouse products were everywhere. Disney and Micky Mouse are really popular for kids and adults alike. Roy and Walt Disney's dream, is now a reality.