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News from the South Burlington Public Library (Part 2)

“Tails and Tales!” Starts Today! The 2021 Summer Reading Program, will run from June 1st to August 20th. Summer Reading Kits for ages 0-3, 4-12 and teens are available from June 1st to June 11th at the University Mall location, and can also be picked up at the end of the Bag ‘n Wagon Parade on June 13th. Kits will also be available at the new location starting July 19th. Pick up a kit and start reading! More information can be found on our website. Summer Reading 2021: "Tails and Tales" (southburlingtonlibrary.org)

The Bag ‘N Wagon Parade! On Sunday, June 13th, The South Burlington Public Library will begin its move to our new location with a “Bag ‘n Wagon Parade”, generously supported by Mascoma Bank! We'll be joined by special guest: “The Big Blue Train” as we parade from the University Mall, across Dorset Street and right to the front doors of 180 Market Street. It’s a walking celebration of South Burlington’s new library and you are invited! Check out our website for information. Celebrate with a "Bag N Wagon" Parade sponsored by Mascoma Bank! (southburlingtonlibrary.org)

The Moving Timeline: Details for Patrons

It’s happening! We’re packing, we’re sorting and we’re organizing to make the move to 180 Market Street. Our University Mall location will remain open for browsing or curbside pick-up—but just until June 11th. On that date, at 5pm, we will close the University Mall location, and won’t re-open until mid-July when we are settled into our new location at 180 Market Street. Click this link for a Moving Timeline: Library Closed - Moving (southburlingtonlibrary.org)

NOW is the time to grab as many books, books on CD, DVDs and magazines as you will need to get you through this transition! There are no renewals after June 11, but also no late fines. The Bookdrop will also NOT be available after June 11th, so please hold on to any returns until we are on Market Street.

Important Library Policy Updates

After July 19th, when you visit our new library, please know that children in fourth grade or lower must be accompanied by an adult. Children in fifth grade and up may attend the library unaccompanied. All patrons, regardless of age, are expected to follow our Patron Code of Conduct PATRON CODE OF CONDUCT.pdf (southburlingtonlibrary.org).

Additionally, the Library supports the right of all persons, regardless of age, to have equal access to the Internet. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children and guide their Internet exploration. The Library does not assume responsibility for monitoring Internet content accessed by children. Click the link for the full policy.

Computer and Internet Policy 1 16 20.pdf (southburlingtonlibrary.org)

Thanks for your understanding and patience during this transition period. We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful new space!!

Save the Date: July 23rd, The Official Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. All Welcome!

Agency of Education (AOE) School Guidance Updates

Agency of Education (AOE) School Guidance Updates

At the Governor’s press conference today, Secretary of Education Dan French announced the release of a joint memo from he and Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine regarding prevention recommendations for the end of the year. It notes that when the state of emergency ends, much of the COVID-19 guidance for schools will no longer be enforced since its underlying authority is derived from the Governor’s Emergency Order.This includes the Strong and Healthy Year guidance. However, the department recommends that schools continue to follow current prevention strategies outlined in the guidance for the remainder of the school year because students will not be fully vaccinated by mid-June. This falls in line with my note last week that masks will continue to be required of all students and staff through the end of this school year.

Today, the AOE also released guidance on instructional operations for the fall of 2021. This presumes that we will be back to full time, in-person instruction in the fall and notes that distancing requirements for students and staff will no longer be necessary. We will be working through this update and providing details on what school will look like for our district as our planning process continues.


June 1st- June 4th :Last Week for Book Check-Out at RMCS Library

June 7th -All Books Back to the Library

June 9th Early Dismissal at 12:30 (In service for Teachers)

June 12th - SB High School Graduation- Essex Fair Grounds

June 18th- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, Half day, 11:30 am dismissal

July 23rd- SB Public Library OPEN HOUSE and Ribbon Cutting


I'm fairly certain that SBHS individuals have this information, but I wanted to be sure to share it more widely for any of you who may want to either check out the livestream (generously provided at no charge by The Media Factory!) of the SBHS graduation or watch it on Comcast.

Live graduation stream June 12 at 1:30 pm: www.mediafactory.org/sbhs

The finished recording will also be available on that page for future enjoyment. SBHS graduation will air on the LEARN channel (Comcast 1094) at these times:

6/16 at 8:00 PM

6/17 at 12:30 PM

6/19 at 8:00 PM

Grade 5 Completes Dare Program and Submits Essays About What They Have Learned

Essay winners:

"You might notice, like I did, that there is one word that Officer Bri says at least 8 times every lesson. That word is Responsible. At first you might think that it's odd that she says it so many times but (if you haven't already) you will soon learn how important this word is and the word responsible will play a huge role in your life." - Mackenzie

"Have you ever felt pressured to do something by your peers? Peer pressure is when someone your age tries to make you do something. Sometimes it is something you would like to do, but it can also be something that you don't want to do. There are different ways to avoid peer pressure, including strength in numbers, changing the subject, giving an excuse after saying no, or walking away. Peer pressure can be someone asking you to smoke or drink alcohol with them but sometimes it can be a good thing! It can inspire you to try sports you haven't tried before or try knitting and crocheting. Just be careful to know if you are feeling good peer pressure or peer pressure that you don't want." - Abby

"Everybody has their own signs of stress. Some signs could be that someone's fists are clenched and they look tense or that they could be fidgeting with their hands. And there are many ways to deal with stress. Here are some options-listen to music, take a walk, get some sleep or read a book. All of these are good ways to help with stress. In my opinion when I listen to music I feel like I'm just like jelly and its my favorite way to cope with stress." - Natalie

Other quotes from essays

"My first topic is smoking. I chose this topic because people around me smoke. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and it causes health problems. It can cause lung cancer. Smoking can cause heart disease. Smoking can get you yellow teeth" - Fay

"If somebody says come smoke with us, just walk away. If your friends tell you to smoke with them and are underage I would tell their mom and dad. If your friends are planning to smoke, change the subject to make them forget smoking. It is bad for your body." - Abdi

"DDMM stands for DARE Decision Making Model which is just making better decisions. To make good decisions like staying away from people that smoke, or avoiding places where people smoke, or having more people with you that don't do something bad." - Miles

"Finally, I am ready to live my best life, staying safe and healthy. I like to play sports and I need to be strong to play football and baseball. I will encourage my friends and teammates to make smart and safe choices. Go team for a healthy life!" - Hayden

"Another interesting thing I learned in DARE was that when you are stressed your palms get sweaty and your heart races. It was exciting to learn that you can control your stress by doing something active, take 10 deep breaths, or go for a walk." - Kyree

"Bullying is any unwanted behavior being continued at someone. When people see someone being bullied they are called a witness. There are 2 types of witnesses, they are called bystander and upstander. A bystander is someone who has the opportunity to stand up to a bully but does not. An upstander stands up to the bully by either reporting to an adult or actually telling the bully to stop." - Om

"Many people have different kinds of stress, some feel tense, some embarrassed and others even angry. How to handle stress is hard and I know this from experience with stress. There are ways to not feel stressed. First some things you can do to relieve stress is to take a walk, read, and other things that make you feel happy and calm. But you probably know that you can't do some of those things when you're in school, well I also know that you can always take deep breaths, or just stop and calm down for a minute." - Ziya

"Kids can't drink alcohol. If kids drink alcohol their parents will get mad at them. Alcohol is bad for kids because it hurts their heart. Kids can not drink alcohol." - Edward

Texting is Now Live!

If you have a mobile number on file with the District, you should have received a one-time text notification from the number 67587 May 25 asking if you would like to opt-in to receive pertinent messages from the District via text. If you haven’t already and would like to opt-in, simply send a text to the number 67587 with the letter "Y" or the word “Yes.”


COVID Vaccine:

People 12 and older can make appointments. Part-time Vermont residents, including college students, are also eligible to get vaccinated. The health department is arranging for more walk-in clinic opportunities. Visit the "make appointment" link above to find a walk-in near you!

The Vermont Department of Health is offering a series of online town hall meetings with local pediatric providers for parents who may have questions about the vaccine. Here is the DOH link to these meetings:


Annual Student Update Forms Are Open for the 2021-2022 School Year

Get started today! Please register your student for the 2021-2022 School Year by completing the Annual Student Update forms before August 17th. These forms help families verify and share important health and contact information as well as allow for permissions to be set for school technology devices. To start, click this link: Getting Started: Register a Returning Student. If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please contact your school directly.


As Common Roots completes our 13th year of Farm to School lessons in your 3 elementary schools, we would like to say Thank You for welcoming us as essential educators this year, and accolades have expressed for our bringing Farm to School lessons with taste tests to your children.

Several of you have already come to our Farm with your children and picked up your FREE Seed Starter Kits, very exciting! We have plenty more!

This Saturday, June 5th is our Farm Hop. 11-2 at the Farm at South Village, 55 Allen Road East, simply follow the signs. Your children may walk our farm with you, hear stories from our educator, taste yummy foods, and meet our honey bees in person (safely in their habitat)!! Lauren, who has worked with your children will be ready to meet you at our Farmstand. See the attached poster to learn about this fabulous event we have prepared for you!

If you cannot make the Farm Hop, please stop by our farm for a visit. We are open Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 6 pm.

The Food Shelf continues to be open and likely in July, you will be able to go inside and select what you would like. Common Roots Farmstand is set up every time it is open. You select whatever you like for the week and we bring it fresh 3 times a week.


356 Dorset Street


Thursdays 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Fridays and Saturdays 8-10 am

If you would like to get texts with updates throughout the summer, e-mail carol@commonroots.org

If you know anyone who needs food, send them our way!

Thank You and Nourish to Flourish,

Carol McQuillen

Director of Common Roots

RMCS School Garden

Did you know? RMCS has a lovely vegetable and fruit garden tucked in the courtyard behind the gym. Your children may have already planted spinach and peas in it last week with Farm to School, or will be going out in the next few weeks to plant potatoes, carrots, or squash with their classes. The garden belongs to the whole school community and I encourage you to visit this relaxing (and delicious!) space with your children. The strawberries will soon be ready so please pick and enjoy! All excess produce will be donated to the South Burlington Food Shelf, as we did last summer. If you would like to know more, or would be willing to help with watering over the summer, please contact me at amyfsimone@gmail.com or (802) 343-3660. Thank you! Amy Simone, UVM Extension Master Gardener

Creative Arts Final Rotations May and June 2021

Creative Arts Rotation #4 - June 7-18

Cooper, Eddy, Hockenbury, Pecor, Kulhowvick


Library June 7 & 8 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Art June 9, 10, 11 (this is a 3 day rotation)

PE June 14 & 15 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Music June 16 & 17 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Appleby, Bailey, Belisle, Carpenter/Mahl, Kelliher


Art June 7 & 8 (this is a 2 day rotation)

PE June 9, 10, 11 (this is a 3 day rotation)

Music June 14 & 15 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Library June 16 & 17 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Vincent, Smith, Ransom, Scott, Mitchell


PE June 7 & 8 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Music June 9, 10, 11 (this is a 3 day rotation)

Library June 14 & 15 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Art June 16 & 17 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Kavanagh, Knepp, Liguori, Ross, Miller


Music June 7 & 8 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Library June 9, 10, 11 (this is a 3 day rotation)

Art June 14 & 15 (this is a 2 day rotation)

PE June 16 & 17 (this is a 2 day rotation)

Moving or Transitioning? Let us know ...

Are you MOVING IN or OUT of South Burlington, or TANSITIONING to a different school next year? Please call our Main Office to let us know your plans. 652 7200. This will help us to help you transition smoothly and also provide us with accurate student counts and class sizes to anticipate for next school year.

FALL 2021 Kindergarten Registration

Registration will open for Incoming Kindergarten students on March 1, 2021. If you would like to register a student who will be 5 on or before September 1, 2021, please visit www.sbschools.net/register .

School Registration / Home

South Burlington School District Online Registration link


Family Resources from Howard Center

Caregiving is hard enough without a global health pandemic! Now more than ever, it is CRITICAL that we encourage our caregivers to practice diligent self-care. Our health depends on it, and the health of our children depends on it. It is difficult for caregivers to put themselves first – and we know they are equally as deserving and in need of it. Please consider using these helpful resources.

The Importance of Care for Caregivers (National Association of School Psychologists)

Parenting During Coronavirus: You are Enough (PBS Kids)

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

COVID Support VT (from 211)

Apps for Self-Care and Wellness

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Need Help with Technology? Use this link to access Tech supports!

Visit the RMCS website at sbschools.net or just click on this link for tech support!