Architecture in Ecuador

By Calvin Woodard

Buildings in Ecuador

Architecture in Ecuador has many different influences. It has some influences from the ancient tribes that lived in the Ecuadorian area and also some from the Spanish that settled there. If you walk around I'm Ecuador you can still see ancient ruins. These ruins can give you insight to what the early people of Ecuador lived in. There are also unique Incan buildings around Ecuador.
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Ecuador Now A Days

The most commonly found buildings in Ecuador is from when Ecuador was a Spanish colony. These buildings really give Ecuador a nice and ancient but yet modern feel. But now a days more classic modern buildings are being built. These buildings might be new but they are leaving the classic spainish colonial feel. Those classic Spanish buildings are what give Ecuador it's classic feel.
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New Buildings in Ecuador

Buildings in Ecuador might not look like you've seen them before but their features you have seen. Architects that built these buildings get there inspiration from modern things. They also get inspiration from trending things they have seen or heard of from around the world. The bigger and more modern the city in Ecuador the newer it is. Also it is may have newer and older sections with very different architectural styles.
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