How a Bill Becomes a Law

By: Cassidy Corbett & Samantha Rodriguez

Step 1: Idea

  • An idea can come from anyone
  • (Special Interest Groups)
  • (Private Citizens)
  • (The President)

Step 3: Committee

  • Each bill that is proposed goes to a specific committee
  • The committee can either pass the bill, Mark up the bill with changes, replace the original with a better and new copy, Ignore the bill and let the bill die, or kill the bill by majority vote

Step 5: Voting

  • Voting is done in three possible ways: Voice Vote, Standing Vote, and Recorded Vote
  • Senate has three ways as well: Voice Vote, Standing Vote, and Role-Call Vote
  • A bill simply needs to get a majority vote for it to be passed to the President.

Step 7: President

  • The President may sign a bill and pass it on or he may decide it isn't exactly up to par and send it back
  • If Congress has already adjourned, the bill dies, becoming a "Pocket Veto"