Galaxy Wars: M81 versus M82

APOD- Zoe Rayner

  • M81 is a spiral galaxy- commonly known as Bode's Galaxy, contains 50 billion solar masses.

  • M82 is an irregular galaxy- commonly known as the Cigar Galaxy, contains 50 billion solar masses.

  • The two are locked in gravitational combat

  • The gravity between the two has increased M81's density, and gave M82 violent star forming regions and colliding gas clouds.

  • Can be seen from Earth through an Integrated Flux Nebula
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M81 in 60 Seconds (HIGH DEFINITION)


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M82 Cigar Galaxy


  • Gravitational Combat- The two are pulling on each other, and eventually they will collide and one galaxy will remain.

  • Integrated Flux Nebula- the nebula cloud is lit up by the galaxy, not by the stars that are inside it.