Pakistan and the Bangladesh War

By: Jase B.

How The War Began

The war of Bangladesh was caused by the argument of independence, in March 1971. The conflict was sparked even more when an east Pakistan party won the election. This party was also known by the name Awami league. On the 25th of March the attacks from the Awami league grew worse.

When Things Went Bad!

These soilders had attacked the University of Dhaka, lining up students and professors on campus. Killing them one by one like a long string of executions. At that point and time 10 million east Pakistani people had fled to India, running as far as they can get from this war. The people had to bring only the essentials with them on this journey, food, water, passports, and other things that they could carry.

What Did The Refugees Experience

They were very dramatized by this and had to leave their homes and a hurry in order to flee what was coming. East Pakistani people had fled to India surviving of the things they were able to carry out of their homes. Some people would put baskets on long sturdy sticks to carry their children in. People had brought clothing to use as covering from the hot sun, sheets to make temporary places to sleep. Now they are all terrified and hungry with no homes and water to drink.