Jackie Robinson

The Black Baseball Player By: Vika K. Pd.2

His Struggle

Jackie wants payback to a girl who called him a “nigger” when he was 8 and him being the first black baseball player will count as a HUGE payback. He didn't want "payback" in an aggressive way, he just wanted to prove the his community and soon, the world, that just because he is black he can still be a great ball player.

(Pg. 294)

“Back to the age of 8 when a little neighborhood girl called me a nigger- I had believed in payback, retaliation.” - Jackie Robinson

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this picture shows the amazing Jackie Robinson, playing baseball. I picked this because it shows that he is proud and serious about his sport


Even after Rickey explains that when he plays for the Major league he will have no allies and no one on his side, he will have to stand up for himself. Jackie said he understood, and he is willing to persevere and push through it even after knowing what might/will happen.

(Pg. 290)

“He had to be able to stand up for himself in the face of merciless persecution and not retaliate.” - Branch Rickey

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