K3 News

Week of November 18th- 22nd

What is going on this week??

Mrs. Saxon is back in the classroom!!

What are we learning?

Unit: Native Americans/ Pilgrims/Thanksgiving

Sight Words: he, for, me, with, she- practice these at home!!

Word Family: -ig (pig, wig, dig, twig, big, jig) -- practice these at home! Also review -at, -an, -am family too!

Social Studies: Veterans and Patriotism

Science: Fabric Unit

Math: Measurement with length, weight, and capacity

  • Monday the 18th- Freddie the Elf is supposed to make his appearance from the North Pole!

  • Tuesday the 19th- P.E- wear your tennis shoes!

  • Wednesday the 20th- Music Class!
Library Check out- Please send library books back to school!

  • Thursday the 21st- P.E- wear your tennis shoes!
Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast at 11:35! Please RSVP if you are coming to attend and plan to buy lunch for the feast. The price is a standard school lunch..

  • Friday the 22nd- E-Time
Runner's Club- wear your tennis shoes!

Please send Purple Reading Folders back to school with books inside! I will keep these over the weekend and students will have new books placed inside their folder on Monday morning to take home. If they do not return their purple folders, I will not be able to send new books home with your child. Please help us out with responsibility! :)

We LOVE the Duck Pond!

Kindergarten had a FABULOUS time at the Duck Pond Park for our first field trip!! We were able to feed the ducks and fish, explore nature with the color changing leaves, and have a picnic with friends! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and the day was perfect!! We are really looking forward to another trip to the pond in the Spring!! :)

What can I help my child with at home?!?


Read with your child every night. Make sure you have them point to every word as they read. Remind them of "Lips the Fish" so they get their mouth ready when they read and say the first sound they see!

-Practice syllables! Give your child a word, have them clap, stomp or snap out the syllables in the word!

-PRACTICE SIGHT WORDS AT HOME!! Kids can practice spelling their sight words with cereal, magnetic letters etc. You could post the sight words on index cards around the house for your child to read! :)


-Have your child write a sentence (or 2) about their day! Other ideas could be write about the book they just read, write a letter to a friend, create their own story!


-Practice counting with your child all the way to 100... and then backwards from 20.

- Do activities to have your child guess how many more to make 10? For example, when you are making dinner, tell your child you need 10 spoons, you have 4, how many more do you need?!? (Then tell them OOPS! I mean we only need 4, let's put the rest back! :))

-Go on a shape hunt around your house. What shapes can you find in clocks, TVs, and other toys

THIS JUST IN: Freddie the Elf is supposed to return to K3 NEXT WEEK!

It has been a tradition in my classroom that our Holiday Elf, Freddie, comes to visit!! It is almost that time of the year when he makes his appearance and brings good cheer to the kids. He usually arrives from the North Pole the week before Thanksgiving, so I’m expecting him at any time now!

In the past, Freddie has brought treats to the kids: elf donuts, elf kisses, notes from his elf friends, and other things! He likes to create quite a bit of mischief in the room and we love to see his elf magic come to life in K3!

When Freddie arrives, it brings MUCH excitement to the classroom. The kids love him so much that in the past, they asked to bring Freddie home to their house for the night. It has been fun to see pictures of Freddie creating mischief in your homes as well as having students write about their adventures with Freddie. I will send up a sign up soon to all of you so you can pick a day to have Freddie come home with you! He will come home prepared with his sleeping bag, magic gloves, and strict directions on how to take care of him! If you have a Holiday Elf at home, no worries!! Freddie loves his friends and you can easily tell him apart by his little green vest a student made for him in years past… please don’t lose it!!

Please don’t feel obligated to have Freddie come home with you- it is strictly a volunteer basis!!

PLEASE keep this a secret from your child. Freddie will make his BIG appearance very soon!! …Stay tuned!

See the sign up below to choose a day to have your child bring Freddie home for the night! :)

Wanted: Parent Volunteers to come and present to the class!

We will be diving into the study of the various winter holidays soon. These studies involve Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, and Kwanzaa! If your family celebrates one of these holidays at home (or a different winter holiday) and you would be willing to come and share with our class one day- we would LOVE to have you!! We would love to hear some traditions in your family, food that you eat, and other holiday customs you participate at home. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and we can work out a day/time that works best for you!! :) Thank you!!

WAY Cool Video!! How to tie your shoes SUPER fast!!

How to tie your shoes super fast!

Mark Your Calendars!!

Nov 21st- Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast with Parents! 11:35pm


Dec 3rd-5th- Kindergarten COGAT Testing... please be sure your child is here!

Dec 19th- Kindergarten Holiday Party at 2:00pm. Parents and volunteers are welcome!

Dec 20th- EARLY RELEASE at 12:30pm and Pizza Party in the classroom!

Dec 23rd-Jan 5th- Winter Break- NO SCHOOL!