Second Grade Swag!

September 14th - September 18th

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What We Are Learning This Week

Language Arts: We will be learning about character and setting, realistic fiction, subjects and predicates and our spelling pattern will be consonant blends.

Social Studies: Students will continue learn about places found in a community and will design a community that includes places to live, work, and play. We will also learn about the history of the community of Marshall, Texas and learn about the history of our very own community!

Science: In science we will continue to work on basic needs and look how animals and living things are dependent on one another in the food chain.

Key Terms: Producer, Consumer, Omivore, Carnivore, Herbivore

Math: We will continue to work on writing numbers in expanded form up to 1,200. The goal is for students to have this skill and to be able to explain this using the correct math vocabulary. Students should also understand the difference between place and value.

Key Terms: place value, Digits

September 11, 2015


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Thank you so much to those of you who sent in headphones and ear buds! If your child has not yet done so, please send these with your child in a baggie labeled with their name and class. Thank you!

Keep checking and SIGNING those planners!

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Schoolwide Enrichment Model

To read more about our SEM journey, please check out the SEM newsletter!

Great Expectations of the Week

Life Principle: Character

Quote: "Ability will enable a man to get to the top. But it will take character to keep him there." -Author Unknown

Healthy Tip: Eat a healthy breakfast every day. You will feel good and have lots of energy to do your best in school.

Important Dates

*September 11th - Homecoming for Coppell High School

*September 17th - Back to School Night hosted by the PTO (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

*October 9th - No School for students/Parent Teacher Conferences

*October 12th - No School!

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