By Royina

What is a volcano

Volcanos are made by tectonic plates. They are made of solidified magma witch turns into volcanic rock. Volcanos are just openings in the surface. Some are shaped like a cone and some are just cracks in the earth’s crust but the one thing that they all have in common is that all of them collect magma and all of the active ones erupt.


Once again tectonic plates create a volcano to erupt. When two tectonic plates collide one could sink and turn into magma. The magma will then trave through the volcano and if the force is strong enough the magma will explode. This is called a volcano eruption. If the force is not strong enough the magma will just sit in the magma chamber in the volcano and stay there until another earthquake which will make it erupt.


The effects of a volcano erupting are the things like deaths and injuries. Also whole towns and cities are destroyed. Other effects are that ash covers everything and if it drops on buildings then it suffocates everyone and kills them all. The ash will kill everyone because of all the toxic gasses in it. Also the lava sets everything on fire. There are good effects though. Like the volcanic rock helps mould the earth. Did you know 80% of the earth’s crust is made of volcanic rock.