Super Spike News

December 2015

Dear Families,

As I reflect back on my first six months at Richboro Elementary, I can truly attest to what an amazing school community this is. I felt welcomed from the start, and have continued to be impressed every day since. In my new role, I enjoy seeing the children’s smiling faces, as well as observing teachers actively engage students in learning. I also appreciate building partnerships with students, staff and families, and being able to grow together both personally and professionally. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve RES, and cannot wait to experience the next sixth months!

The work of Jon Gordon ties in nicely with the emphasis RES has placed on both teamwork and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Each year, Mr. Gordon picks a word that will inspire him to be his best. After much thought, I have selected the word PURPOSE as my one word. In addition to my family, serving as the Principal of RES gives my life purpose and makes me an all-around better person. I am committed to staying focused, determined, and decisive in all that I do. Together with your family, think of a word(s) that give meaning and focus to your lives. Try to live by this word and what it encompasses throughout the coming year. To read more about the work of Jon Gordon and one word, please click on the following link:

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and winter break!


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Super Spike - Principal's 100 Club

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Our first group of Mystery Motivator's enjoying a special lunch with Dr. Jordan! Congratulations to Michael Houser, Elana Rhoge, Ashley Thompson, Naomi Schieken, Miriam Margovskiy, Sam Khelmer, Audrey Reese, Martin Libman, Shani Sun and Delaney Gillis.

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The Mystery Motivators from our second group were awarded with a special hot chocolate bar with Dr. Jordan and Mrs. Milligan. Congratulations to Justin McCloskey, Clare Morgan, Gregory Bord, Tyler Gerding, Blake Haslam, Erin Loftus, Jason Milkowich, Juliette Grandin, Owen McElhaugh and Morgan Reilly.

Inside this Issue:

  • Upcoming Dates in January
  • Grade Level and Specials News
  • Special Events
  • 2015-2016 School Year Calendar
  • Volunteer Information
  • RSA Corner: Mother Daughter Paint Party Photos

Upcoming Dates:

Happy New Year!

1/4/16: School re-opens from break

1/5-1/7/16: Art Mobile

1/12-1/13/16: Spike Shop during lunches

1/13/16: Winter Vocal Concert @ 9:30 a.m. & 7:30 p.m.

1/13/16: RSA Meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

1/18/16: No School; Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

1/22/16: Donuts with Dad

1/26-1/27/16: 5th & 6th Grade Play Dress Rehearsals

Kindergarten News

During the month of December the Kindergarteners have been learning about various winter holidays from all around the world! We have been practicing counting, writing, and making numbers 1-20 during Math class. We also have been working on our addition sentences. In Ms. Hamilton’s class, every Friday a few of Mrs. Delfini’s First Graders would come and read to our students, we admire how well they can read! Mrs. Wagner’s class enjoyed Bear Day and had a great time reading and writing about bears. Both classes had a great time during their holiday parties, we even got to wear our pajamas!

Coming Up:

  • Bear Day: Friday, January 15th – Ms. Hamilton’s Class
  • 8th Grade Buddies: Tuesday, January 19th- P.M.
  • 8th Grade Buddies: Wednesday January 20th -A.M.

-Ms. Hamilton & Mrs. Wagner

1st Grade Buzz

First grade had a great December! We worked hard in all our subjects! We also, read many different versions of the Gingerbread Man. We read Gingerbread Friends, Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Girl and Gingerbread Bear. We talked about how they were the same and different. We also made a paper gingerbread house! Then we made a graph of the different candy we used on the house.

This last week in December we met with our buddies and on the first day we met we made a wish upon a star for the world. We designed the star together then wrote our wish on it. Then we got together again and we made a snowman and used a glyph to discuss the things we liked about winter and it is represented on the snowman. It was so fun and we have a picture of a few of the snowmen we made with a few kids too!

-Mrs. Delfini, Mrs. Cantwell, Mrs. Jurney & Mrs. Edwards

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Literacy News

We were very fortunate to have the CR-S men’s basketball team come visit our school! The players read to our students and answered questions about teamwork, school work, and other topics. Our students loved interacting with the players and hearing them read some great books!

-Mrs. Kennedy & Mrs. Dougherty

CR South Basketball Readers

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2nd Grade Scoop

Winter is here! Second Grade had a blast writing about what life would be like inside a snow globe. I guess we need to use our imagination this year due to the warm temperatures!

Second Grade, along with their buddy classes, had the opportunity to create and decorate gingerbread houses. Thank you for the donations of candy and materials for the children to share. They were so creative in using candy and icing to build their houses into a masterpiece they were all proud to share.

-Mrs. Rowan, Mrs. Foy, Mrs. Pithis & Mrs. Mazen

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3rd Grade Beat

The Third Grade has been learning about Chris Van Allsburg. This award winning author and illustrator is famous for stories such as The Polar Express and Jumanji. After listening to each story, students have done various response activities. The students have enjoyed looking for Fritz, the dog, in all of his books. Have a wonderful winter break.

The Third Grade Team,

Mrs. Sottung, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Sabol and Mrs. Fyke

4th Grade Bulletin

Our Buddy activity was great! Mrs. Wagner’s Kindergarten and Mrs. Coapman’s 4th grade came up with many ideas for our “Wish for the World!” Check out the “wonderful wishes” in the halls of our school!

The Fourth Grade Team:

Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Coapman, Mrs. Jaggers, Mrs. Wendling & Mrs. Murphy

Moving to Learn

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. –Joseph Addison

At Richboro, we are a community of learners, growing together into healthy and happy readers, writers, and mathematicians. In order to do that, we are mindful of the importance of building physical activity into every day. In addition to awesome and exciting gym classes and fun and active recess periods, many of our students also enjoy movement breaks or “brain breaks” throughout the day in their classrooms. A growing body of research indicates that exercise not only keeps the body healthy, but also improves thinking and learning as well as focus and attention. Our teachers use a variety of different strategies to address students’ need for physical exercise. Some choose to start their day with good old calisthenics, some take a few minutes throughout the day for stretches and yoga-inspired moves, and others use interactive websites that design brief work-outs specifically for students in the classroom. Some of our favorites are and Over the winter break, if you find the winter doldrums setting in, take a minute to check them out. The whole family might enjoy it!

-Mrs. Aquila

5th Grade Flash

Fifth Grade Explorers have now received their parts for our annual “A Day at the Museum” in January. Students should be working on their speeches and starting to think about their costumes. We love exploring and conquering new lands, new ideas and new frontiers in 5th!

Our fifth grade scientists had a fantastic presentation from our own Science Guy, Mr. Duke. We learned how dry ice can go directly from a solid to a gas! Mr. Duke taught us about Phase changes in matter, sublimation and the parts of an Atom! Everything Matters in 5th grade!

Until our next Fifth Grade Flash,

Mr. Benson, Mrs. Cicchiello, Mrs. Nack, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Siravo & Mrs. Kane

Sixth Grade Dispatch

Character Does Matter: If not me, then who…

“If not me, then who…” were words spoken by a local fallen hero, Travis Manion before his second and final deployment to Iraq. Our sixth graders had the privilege of listening to a speaker from the Travis Manion Foundation, Jonathan Gremminger. This volunteer and former marine is part of the Character Does Matter program supported by the Travis Manion Foundation. He is also a graduate of Council Rock South!

Character Does Matter emphasizes the four pillars of character: courage; integrity; leadership; and service. The sixth graders want to honor those who have fallen by challenging themselves to find ways to help their community. At each holiday party and throughout the year, the sixth grade students take part in community service activities to benefit those who are in need.

Recently, the sixth grade students collected money to purchase items to be sent to local military personnel who are stationed overseas. In January, several of our sixth graders will be volunteering their time at the Martin Luther King Jr Day of service at CR South High School. Be sure to check out the bulletin board in the sixth grade hallway to see the many ways our sixth grade students are giving back and paying it forward in our community!

-Mrs. Nelsen, Mr. McElrath, Ms. Pressman, Mrs. Christiansen & Mrs. McFadden

Math in Children’s Literature

Children’s literature is a great way to encourage students to get excited about math! Using stories to introduce and reinforce mathematical concepts is very motivating and allows them to build conceptual understanding in a creative way.

Below are some great titles along with the math concepts they relate to:

Addition and Subtraction

The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang

Math Appeal by Greg Tang

Area and Perimeter

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! by Marilyn Burns


A Remainder of One by Elinor J. Pinczes


The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff (chapter book)


Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta


The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander


Beanstalk; the Measure of a Giant by Ann McCallum

-Mrs. Fitzgerald

Gifted News

We have been busy thinking, learning and researching in the Gifted Support classroom! The 6th grade students are working on individual research projects in connection to our unit on Ancient Egypt. The research portion is complete, and they are now working on either an iMovie or PowerPoint presentation. Egypt Day will be in February this year (date TBD). The 5th grade students have been busy exploring! They learned about several different explorers and are currently reading a biography of Cortes. They just started their wax museum speeches, which will be presented on January 22nd. The 4th graders began their study of the United States by taking a tour of the Northeast Region though a Prezi presentation. They chose a state to research, and will be using this research to invent board games, which we will play in a few weeks! The third grade students are researching the cultures of various countries and will be making PowerPoint presentations after the break to share their research. The second graders are concluding an oceanography unit by completing an ocean animal research project.

All students participated in another STEM challenge called the Candy Cane Calamity! For this challenge, they worked in groups to design and create packaging for a candy cane. The packages were shipped (dropped at table height) and the groups were judged on whether they safely mailed their candy canes without breakage. I love to see the students thinking critically and working as a team!

I wish all of my students and families a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2016!

-Mrs. McFillin

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Special Corner News


In Art during this month of December, many grades are learning the indispensible craft of Weaving. Students have learned that weaving is one of the most essential forms of manufacture we still use today, even though it is a technique that is centuries old! Weaving produces fabric for clothes, furniture, bedding, carpeting and wall hangings of visual beauty.

We have been integrating Principles of Design including Pattern, Color , Rythm and Contrast! Working with yarn has given us all a warm, cozy feeling as we enter the cold Winter months. Many of these projects will be on view in May at the District Art Show.

First, Second and Third graders have been making holiday presents for family members. Some are beutiful clay pieces, some are pieces made by weaving with yarn.

I hope parents enjoy these treasures - they were made with love and care.

Happy New Year!

-Mrs. Aubuchon


The woodwind and brass students caroled for their classmates, former teachers and siblings in school on Thursday, 12/17, Tuesday 12/22 and Wednesday 12/23. We played, Jingle Bells, The Dreidel Song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, The Hannukah Song, Up on the Housetop as well as other holiday favorites. A good time was had by all. Happy Holidays!

-Mrs. Hintenlang


Special thanks to Sam and Maddie for donating these great books to the Library.

Exciting news in January Council Rock’s own Frank Murphy will visit the students in second and third grade to hold a Writer’s Workshop and present his new book, Take a Hike Teddy Roosevelt.

We are very excited because we just learned last week that in February students in grades 4-6 will receive an author visit from Chris Grabenstein. This wonderful New Your Times bestseller will present his new book, Mr. Lemoncello’s Reading Olympics. Students in grades 2-4 will have a presentation based on the Who Was series of books. At that presentation students will compete against the smartest man in the world in a trivia contest. Students will be able to order books for both visits. The information will come home in early January. If you happen to shop at the Newtown Bookshop please say thank you to Mrs. Morrison for providing the presentations.

-Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Laigaie

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Richboro Elementary has talent! Many of our students in all grade levels performed in class talent shows during this month. We enjoyed hearing many students playing solos on the instruments that they are studying this year. Some of our students played in small ensembles for their class. We also had many students singing solos using the microphone during our time together. Mrs. O’Connor was so proud of all of our performers who shared their talent with others. Music is a gift that we can share with others. Congratulations to all of our wonderful musicians who participated in the instrumental concert this month. We enjoyed listening to your musical selections. The students at RES enjoyed singing and dancing through this exciting month. We are looking forward to our fifth and sixth grade vocal concert on Wednesday evening, January 13, 2015 at 7:30PM at Richboro Elementary. Our dress code for those students performing in the evening vocal concert is black pants and a white dress shirt for boys and a black skirt or black pants (no mini skirts) and a white shirt for girls. This dress code is stated in the school’s handbook. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

-Mrs. O'Connor

Student Council News:

Shoot for the Stars with our Buddies!

Our Holiday Buddy Project was a hit! Buddies had so much fun decorating their “shooting stars” and coming up with wishes for the world. We collected over $350.00 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thank you to everyone who made a donation to this wonderful cause. All students who donated, feasted on candy canes as they decorated their shooting stars! Click the below link to see more pictures!
We had soooo many photos we had to give it it's own newsletter!!!
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Winter Vocal Concert

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 7:30pm

RES Cafeteria

Please join us for a night of winter singing with our awesome 5th and 6th grade chorus.

Ps. Don't miss Go Bananas yogurt night after the concert!

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Donuts With Dad

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 7:45-8:45am

RES Cafeteria

Enjoy the morning together!

Share a breakfast of donuts, fruit, juice and coffee with Dad. Then dance along with the DJ and have your souvenir family photo taken. All this for just $5 per person! Sign up now as this event is a popular one!

2015-2016 School Year Calendar

Click me to see this school year's holiday closings and half days.

Thinking of Volunteering? Background Checks are now a State Requirement!

PA State Law now requires that all volunteers in the district MUST obtain the required clearances. Keep in mind it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain all the clearances.

What You'll Need:

  1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check $0
  2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance $0
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance $27 (ONLY if you've lived outside Pennsylvania in the last 10 years) OR the CR Volunteer Affidavit-Notarized $0 (good for those who have lived in the state of PA for the last 10 years.)

Once you receive your clearances and/or affidavit, BRING them to Pat Waters, Secretary for CRSD Human Resources at the Chancellor Center in Newtown. She will witness you signing an “Authorization to Begin Volunteering” form. You will then receive a photo request form to complete the process at CR North—please be sure to ask for this. Ms. Waters can be reached at at or (215) 944-1000, x1019.

Mother Daughter Paint Party Pictures!!!

Pizza Time!

Joe Corbi’s Pizza coming to RES in February.
We will be taking orders in February in time for a Spring Break delivery. From plain to gourmet, whole wheat to gluten free, there's a pizza kit to please every member of your family!

See link below for the brochure.

Bulldog Bash

Our biggest fun-raiser of the year is in March, but to make sure our annual carnival is a big success, please consider donating an item for the event.

  • Have season tickets to a local sports team? Donate a game.
  • Have a vacation time share? Donate a long weekend.
  • Have a home at the shore? Donate an off-peak week.
  • Have a family business? Donate a product or service.
  • Have a treadmill or exercise bike? We can auction it off.

Contact event chair Tanya Close ( to discuss.

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