The Old Man and the Sea

By Ernest Hemingway


Santiago is the main character of the book. Santiago had been going out to sea for 84 days without catching a fish. Despite this, he had kept on going out to do his "job" because it is what he loves to do. Because of his past experiences, Santiago took a lot of pride in what he did. He remained very patient and confident that he will hook a great catch. When he finally hooked a fish, he realized that it will be his most important and difficult challenge. He sat on his boat for three days reeling in the marlin, but the it got away. As it may sound unfortunate, Santiago discovers that rather than the fish being his biggest failure, it was his biggest accomplishment.


The protagonist of the story is Santiago. Santiago was an old, aging man who was determined to go out and do what he loves every day to catch the fish of his lifetime. He is the protagonist because he optimized when he was in some the worst possible scenarios. For example, even though when he was reeling in the marlin and could not eat or drink anything, he still kept on reeling as his body fatigued. While his body was fatiguing, he thought of the baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and that he had kept on playing even with his bone spur. Another example, when the marlin escapes the hook, he looks at the situation as a victory.

Literary Elements that Advance the Plot

Pan or Praise?

I praise The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway because the book is intelligently written. Hemingway presents many life lessons in the book. As I read I was on the edge of my seat wanting to read more. The protagonist of the book, Santiago, represents a very wise man, and his personality creates anticipation to read more, and more. I recommend this book to all people older than 11. Anyone that reads this book will enjoy it.