Gage Community School Connection

September 29, 2016 Edition

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Flu Clinic

The Flu Clinic came to Gage on Wednesday! The clinic is offered through a partnership effort among Olmsted County Public Health, Olmsted Medical Center, and Mayo Clinic.

192 Gage students got their flu shot!

192 students' parents didn't need to leave work or rearrange their schedule to take their child to the doctor!

192 students only missed 5 minutes of class!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We loved seeing families in the building for conferences this week! We look forward to seeing everyone else this coming week! If you missed your conference time, please contact your child's teacher to reschedule.

We have a goal of seeing each of you at least twice this year! Let us know how we can best connect with you!

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Facilitating Family

Thank you for connecting with us at conferences! Let us know what you thought of the new focus we had for conferences! Complete the form below or at this link:

Powerful Partnerships

As a Community School, we are always looking to expand the partnerships we have with other individuals and organizations who share our mission of supporting student success.

This week we'd like to share more about our partnership with Girl Scouts River Valleys. Gage has a Girl Scout Troop that meets outside of school hours. We also have the Girl Scouts Connectz program here at Gage that meets during the school day for 5th grade girls. The girls have just started meeting for the school year and are so excited! Be looking for cookies later this winter!

Check out the Girl Scouts River Valleys Website for more information about the tools and supports they can offer your family or find out how you can support this organization!

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