Ms. Crowley's Revolutionary News

Winter 1777-1778

Help Soldiers in Need by H. Massengill

The Continental army in Valley Forge is suffering for needs. They are in very bad condition. We need to help them. They are needing,firewood,food, and any type of clothing, along with more soldiers. If you are trained on a battlefield come help them. Many soldiers are dying so again please help. Thank you.

Hanging People A. Popwell

Soldiers from the Continental army are stealing and paying the consequence.They stole money and now they either get drummed out of the army or will be hung.

Martha Washington by S. McLamb

Martha Washington was staying in Valley Forge with her husband General George Washington. Mrs Washington was a kind, honest,helpful she was a wonderful person to be around.And she helped make shirt socks and other helpful things during the long and harsh winter at Valley Forge.

Martha Washington By J. Oates

Martha Washington is staying at Valley Forge with the other soldiers camping at Valley Forge. She has been visited many soldiers during this harsh winter. She has been bringing joy to many soldiers. Has done many kind things for the soldiers this year.

France Allies with the Americans by A. Johnson

After a victory France decides to ally with the Americans to help with the war. After losing the French and Indian war the French have disliked the British. When they found out that the Americans could have a chance,they allied.


Martha Washington is a very important because she is General Washington’s wife.

Martha Washington is very nice and lovely in this story. She is very generous and she is probably very happy to have a husband such as George Washington himself.