March 2015

Monthly Statistics

Technology Tickets: 57

Lab/LMC Checkouts: 223

Students Visiting: 3,862 (average 203 students/day)

Collaborations: 16

Book Checkouts: 107

What happened this month in the LMC?

Busy does not begin to cover the amount activity that occurred during March. Proctoring the ACT, AP Capstone videos in the auditorium, Student Voice Surveys, LMS/STC district meeting, Lunch & Learn, SBDM meeting, the Insurgent book/movie contest, Book Club and the OCTI Capstone seminar - O'my!

In addition, as you might have heard, the Junior English classes have been working on a career unit this month. As part of the unit, they created tri-fold displays of their chosen career field and hosted a career fair in the media center. Pictures from the event are included the newsletter. Later, Mrs. Mattingly had the opportunity to dip back into her business teacher background for a couple days to educate the Juniors about resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills.

Ms. Ecton collaborated with Mrs. Burczyk's Sophomore English classes to show them how to use the app Subtext to download the book Anthem. Subtext encourages students to analyze what they read, articulate what they think, and make connections between texts and the outside world, (, by embedding discussions into the text.

In Mr. LeBlanc's Freshmen English classes, Ms. Ecton taught them about the use of multimedia in presentations and introduced new presentation tools as an alternative to PowerPoint, including Biteslide, ThingLink and Projeqt. Contact Ms. Ecton if you are interested in this presentation for your students!

Also this month we hosted our 2nd annual Kentucky Bluegrass Award voting party! Students that had read at least two of this years KBA books were invited to attend. During the party students had snacks and played games based on the books to win prizes. Attendees also cast their vote for the book they wanted to win KBA 2015. All votes were turned in to the state committee and we should find out the winner after spring break. As you can see from the pictures, they had a wonderful time.

With all that has occurred this month, it's amazing to think that we actually had three snow days!

Technology Tip - BoomWriter

BoomWriter is a free & easy-to-use literacy site. Using BoomWriter students interact with and create written content. For example, students are presented with the first part of a story and then write what they think should happen next. Then, students read anonymous submissions of their peers and then vote for the piece they think should be the next part of the story. Teachers can monitor student progress and provide individualized feedback.

When students are finished, BoomWriter provides a option of converting developed stories into a published book. In addition, all stories are developed in a closed digital environment to safeguard student privacy.

Contact Jill and Susan or visit to learn more.

Lunch & Learn Recap

Goformative is a completely free resource which allows you to import any PDF, word file, or Google Doc into a program which you can then instantly add assessment questions to. These questions can be in the form of drawings, multiple choice, typed response, or by submitting an image. You can also add images or videos straight into the document.

Students can either sign up or use a classcode without signing up. While students are working, you will instantly see their work on your computer and can grade or give instant feedback. If students sign up, they will be able to review their work and keep track of their grades. Goformative is also device neutral.

To learn more visit our library website for the full presentation OR contact Jill and Susan.