3S Sensations

Week of 4.27

A Note From Ms. Salazar

We had a fun filled, busy week!

Field Trip-Rowan Planetarium

3S kicked off their week by going on their second field trip of the year. The kiddos had a blast riding the bus to Rowan University and learning all about the solar system at the Planetarium! Check out the pictures below!


3S is proud of all their work with technology in the classroom! We brainstormed a huge list of how we use technology to learn and share what we know. Some of us got to meet with some members of the Board of Education and share some technology tools we use in the class. We also had our Community Meeting. 3S shared the Tellagami videos they created for their persuasive speeches. Finally, we learned how to use a new app called Plickers that allows us to vote for items or respond to multiple choice questions. We used this app to vote for our Pom Pom reward and the result was.........PJ & Gum Day! We have postponed PJ/Gum Day until Friday 5/8.

Jump Rope For Heart

3S received an award at our Community Meeting for being the highest fundraisers in the whole school! This was thanks to everyone's dedication to the American Heart Association, and to Matthew, who raised more than $1,700 by himself!

Gardening Gurus

We also visited our garden TWICE this week to get it ready for our Salsa garden! The kiddos worked hard to transfer the soil into our brand new raised bed! We will finish planting this week and will continue to visit the garden until June. If you are interested in joining us and helping out, please let me know. We'd love to have you!

It was such a fun-filled week. We're looking forward to spending more time outside as the weather gets nicer and nicer!

Have a great week,
Ms. Elsa Salazar

5/4-5/6 PARCC Grades 3-5

5/4-5/8 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/8 Orchestra Rehearsal – Music Room, 7:40 to 8:30 a.m.

5/8 Gum and PAJAMA Day!

5/12 School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM, APR

5/13 Field Day Shirt Ordering Deadline (optional)- See Information Below

5/13 PTA Meeting, 730 PM

5/14 Interim Reports Posted on Genesis – Grades 1 thru 5 3:30 p.m.

5/15 Yearbook Order Deadline- See Information Below

5/15 Paver Promotion Dance Part 3 PM, Avondale Playground-See information Below

5/19 Community Meeting, 10AM, APR

5/20 Salad Bar Lunch

5/22 Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal

5/25 School Closed Memorial Day

5/27 HealhBarn Assembly, Grades 2 thru 5, 115 PM-245 PM

5/27 Open House/At Show 630 PM-8 PM

5/28 EH Spring Concert, 730 PM, HMS

Spotlight Student

Techie Presenters

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A Classical Community Meeting

By: Katie, Charlotte, and Skye

This week in EHS we had a community meeting in the APR. Mr. Bissinger turned on some pop music and all the kids started to sing along. Then we started the real assembly part. After went 3S went up to get a ball because we won most fundraising class because of a classmate named Matthew. Also Maddie and Charlotte went up and talked about telligami. Then we went back to our classroom. It was a great assembly!

Community Meeting-Tellagami Videos

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Persuasive Tellegamis

Jump Rope For Heart!

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Fantastic, Fabulous Fairy Tales

In Writer’s Workshop we are starting something completely new. We are writing fairy tales. Some of the fairy tales we are using are, Little Red Riding Hood and Billy Goats Gruff. Instead of writing the regular story we are changing it up. For example, in the story The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff instead of goats we can have the three water bottle city. We also can change events and the setting in the story. Ms. Salazar calls it the “domino effect.” Writing fairy tales is harder than it seems but is a lot of fun!

Adaptations: change events, characters, or the setting of the original story.

Domino Effect: when you are making one change in the beginning and it causes more changes to happen.

Analyzed Cinderella and read many different versions of Cinderella. We wrote down the differences and the reasons for the differences.

We planned a story that we will write next week in Writer’s Workshop based off the story The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff or Little Red Riding Hood.

Reading Workshop

RW was fabulous! This week we started making our own vocab crossword puzzles on the iPads. It was fun. We also wrapped up lesson 16. Guess what we got to do? We got to ask our own questions about the book instead of Ms.Salazar. Yup, we told you RW was fabulous!

By:Gabe & Ben

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Field Trip!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect Planetarium

This week we went on a field trip to the rowan university Planetarium. We learned so much! First, we learned that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away. Can you believe that? We also learned about the winter triangle. It’s a triangle made up of the stars! Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. We got to see the Sun, Sirius, and Betelgeuse are 93,000,000 miles away. The sun was this big: Sirius is this big: And Betelgeuse took up the entire planetarium.

We also that solar eclipse is when the sun, moon, and earth line up perfectly.

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By: Kieran & Lilly

This week in math we did pictographs and bar graphs. Pictographs are pictures that have a key to explain something. Bar graphs are colored to explain something someone has. Capacity is meters, kilometers, mililiters, liters.

Weight can be mesured in grams and kilograms!

The Garden!

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