All About Me


My Hobbies/Sports I Play

I like to play video games, or go outside and play basketball. Sometimes I might even go down to the baseball field and play baseball, or even play football with my dad, and the neighborhood kids. But when the weather isn't so pleasant I watch TV, watch videos, play board games, or play some cards with my family. Or possibly ride my bike if everyone else in the neighborhood is. I am also in Track & Field this year.

Favorite Foods

I like many foods and sometimes have them for dinner. My #1 favorite food is pizza because it is delicious, especially sausage. My #2 favorite food is tacos/burritos the ones from Taco Bell are amazing. Beefy 5-Layer burrito and the cool ranch & nacho cheese tacos. Also, my #3 favorite food is enchiladas.

My Family

I have 6 sisters and 1 brother. Keaira is 16, she is a sophomore, and goes to Sun Prairie High School. Kendra is 10, she is in 5th grade, and goes to Marshall Elementary School. Jasmine is 23, she is a nurse, and has a baby Aurora she is 4 months. Kelsee is 23, and never talks to us. Kaylie is 20, she is a daycare teacher. Kenisha is 22, and works at Piggly Wiggly. My brother, Jonathan, is 17 and works at McDonald's and a bar and he goes to Marshall Senior High School. Also, My mom is 40 and her name is Nadine. My dad, Eric, is 42 and almost 43 on April 11th.