Strange New Animal On The Loose

By Max Murie

How Was This Animal Created?

A dangerous new animal emerged from the gates of Jellybowl Science Laboratory on the 15th of November 2012. It came out of hiding in the forest recently and has started terrorising innocent civilians. The animal is named the echidroo as it has the body of an echidna, the tail of a kangaroo and the head of an emu.

This is what the echidroo looks like.
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The echidroo uses its beak to peck at its food and swallow it. It has an inflatable neck sac which allows it to make long loud drumming noises to communicate with other echidroos.
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The echidroo has poison filled spikes which it can only use to defend itself. It also has long claws that it can use to dig large holes.
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The echidroo uses its tail as a fifth limb when moving slowly.

About This Animal

The echidroo can kill by using its poison filled spikes, extremely strong tail, long back claws and large beak. It can live in dry plains and tropical woodland areas. If approached by an echidroo you must immediately call the AADD (Australian Animal Disposal Department) and stay extremely still and quiet.

By NAN (National Animal News) news reporter Max Murie.