Mrs. Cox's Weekly Roundup

Week of November 11-15

Class Schedule

Outclass: 10:10-10:55

Lunch: 10:55-11:25

Recess: 12:30-1:00

Reading Corner:

This week we are exploring the concept of asking questions as a great way to better understand books and to develop a love for reading.

  • We will be dissecting Laura Numeroff's book, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, from cover to cover, including the importance of analyzing the illustrations to understand the story.
  • Together, we will create an alternate ending to the story and the students will design their own illustrations for our new ending.
  • Students will gain an appreciation for asking questions; which is an important part of a child's development.

Other great books by Laura Numeroff!

How to support your child's literacy

Parents, when you are reading with your children ask them questions about what may happen next or what does the pictures tell them about the story. A great strategy for beginning readers is to have them read the pictures and match them to the words. Below you will find a link to follow for more great strategies in helping your child become great readers!


  • A
  • Am
  • An
  • And
  • Be
  • Can
  • I
  • You
  • We

Practice, Practice, Practice

You can help your child build their vocabulary and master their spelling abilities by working on their Word Wall Words daily with them. Have your son/daughter read the words, spell the words and use them in a sentence.


We will be working on our numbers between 1 and 20. Students will be able to count in groups of 2 and 5's by grouping beads in class.

As a class we will be solving math problems in reflex math. Your child has their login and password in their folder for them to continue the math fun at home.


What an exciting week we have planned! Our caterpillars are in the process of making their chrysalis. We will be learning about the next stage for our caterpillars as they continue their metamorphism to painted butterflies!

Want to create your own butterfly garden at home? Here is a great site to start a new butterfly family at home and enhance your child's understanding of life cycles:

Social Studies:

Community Helpers is the topic this week. We will be exploring the different roles that important people play in our community. Our class is discussing:

  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Doctors
  • Librarians

Stranger Danger!

Parents, we have been learning about the importance of not talking to strangers and how to handle a situation when a stranger approaches you. A police officer is going to be presenting a video in class on Friday and you are welcome to join us for the presentation. However, I also have shared a link to the video so you can view it and discuss it with your child at home.

Stranger Awareness for Kids - Billy to the Bus (shortened safety video)

Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY! Kindergarten Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 9am-2pm

6200 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX

Mark your calendars because we are going to the zoo! Students will be bringing home a permission slip and instructions this Friday. It is very important to read and sign so your child can attend the field trip. If you would like to join us and chaperone, please return the bottom portion of the form no later than Monday, November 18th.

I hope to see you there!

Mrs. Robin Cox

I am so excited at the privilege of having your child in my class this year. I want you to know that you can reach me anytime if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your son or daughter. I have an open-door policy, so feel free to stop by the classroom and see what we are working on!

My conference periods are Monday-Friday from 9:40-10:30. Please let me know a day or two in advance if you'd like to set up a meeting.