I have a mom , dad , and a brother. My brother is 10 years old and loves to read he has read all the Harry potter series and watch the movies and he also loves video games.

My mom MIndy is more into arts and crafts she watches kids and loves to be out side and camp. My dad likes to hunt and fish he also works at Zanesville save a lot he is the manger of the meat. I also have a dog and turtle as a pet and turtles name is Bay and my dogs name is sammie then theres me.

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What i like to do

Well you have read lot but not a lot about me i love to ride four wheelers , swim and love to bake. Well i normally bake with my friends my self or my mom or grandmas. i normally swim with Caitlin or Chloe and family. i normally ride at my moms friends and chloes and macies well thats normally what i like to do thanks for reading my flyer!