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6 Word Memoir

My hearing aid cannot limit me.

Waking up in a dystopian society

I squinted my eyes as I adjusted to the bright light of the room. I sat up slowly and took in my surroundings. A row of white cabinets sat on the wall opposite of me. There were white curtains on either side of me preventing to seeing what was next to my clean white bed. White walls surrounded me on all sides. I look towards the end of my bed to see a grey anklets with a red light blinking at me. I swing my legs off the bed and touched my feet to the cold white tile beneath me. I stand on my unsteady legs and my way to a door next to the cabinets which I believe to be the exit. I open the door with ease and proceed down the long white corridor. At the end of the corridor is a set of white dual doors with a single white light flickering above it. I force the door open and am greeted with a set of concrete stairs with no railings and the dirt after that. I lift my eyes to see two rows of me, one row crouching and another standing, with their weapons aimed at me. The men had a blank stare, as if they were unconscious. They all wore the same thing, black military apparel with black combat boots. My eyes widen as the only man wearing white yells ,"Ready! Aim! Fire!" I close my eyes and wait for the anticipated pain.
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My awesome propaganda... I'm so sorry

Song Quote Analysis

"Someone to lead us, someone to follow, someone to fool us, some brave Apollo, someone to save us, someone like you. We want you, Big Brother."

This is a song by David Bowie called Big Brother. David Bowie was a big fan of 1984, and even wrote an entire album dedicated to 1984 named Diamond Dogs. Big Brother is a song, that is sung from the eyes of one of the followers of Big Brother. In the beginning of the chorus it asks for someone who is a leader, then it asks for someone to fool them. This is the citizen waking up from the brain-washing. Unfortunately for the citizen, the thought police found out and transformed the citizen back into a follower. And they ask for someone brave and all the qualities of a leader. The citizen believes that Big Brother is a divine being when the citizen states, " some brave Apollo," Apollo in mythology is seen as the truth, the sun and light and a healer. Big Brother in the eyes of the mindless is their savior.

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New ending to chapter 7 of part 1

Beginning from when Winston picks up the children's book.

Winston picked up the children's history book and gazed upon the mesmerizing face of big brother on the front cover. The soft eyes gazed into his own. It was as if some force was rubbing your back comfortingly, taking away your worries, giving you all the knowledge you desire. The party knows best, and we all are wise enough to listen. Big Brother is our leader and we must follow him. Some choose to defy him, but they do not understand Big Brother's logic. Big Brother knows all, he is all powerful, he has knowledge of everything in both the mortal and immortal worlds. O'Brien is similar, he knows so much! Everyone enjoys O'Brien's company, he's comforting to his comrades. Big Brother is our savior, and continues to save us from the terrors of the world and tells us right from wrong. He watches us to keep us safe. And our two minutes of hate is much cheaper than going to a therapist. Big Brother is our everything.