Principal's Corner #12


  • To Sarah Campbell for pausing your own busy schedule to help me carry and move tables and rearrange the room. I am so grateful for your help and support!

From Kameron Riley


  • To Scott Rogers and Dawn Thompson, thank you for giving our students an outlet to learn new skills and share their strengths with others.Cottonwood NOW looks like a fun team to be apart of! The student love seeing their friends on screen and the humor that is incorporated into these community stories.



  • To Joan Salinger and Thessica Covato, thank you for all your help. You saw me a little overwhelmed and offered your help. I couldn’t have gotten it done without you both.

From Dana Schwartz


  • To Glenda Cole for scheduling interpreters for conferences. You work so hard for your students, families, and co-teachers! THANK YOU!

From Brooke Hall


  • To Alison Berner for fixing the super annoying sound coming from my speakers. You are amazing!

From Nicole Hargreaves


  • To Matthew Pedregon, it was a busy week with Veterans Day and the 3rd grade performance and you dominated! We're lucky to have you at Cottonwood Creek.
  • To Alison Berner for working collaboratively with PTO and Matthew Pedregon to organize our Veterans Day Celebration. Thank you.

From Katie Johnson

Six members of our District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) will be visiting COT on Wednesday, November 20th from 9:00-10:30am. Below outlines the details of this visit including the purpose and process. If you have any questions/concerns please let me know.

DELT Belief Statement:

As racially conscious leaders of CCSD, it is our moral imperative to combat persistent and pervasive racism with a sense of urgency and accountability. Our organization’s excellence requires all educators to believe that all children, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous students, can and must succeed. We will continuously identify, interrupt and dismantle systems that are rooted in whiteness and are detrimental to the futures of children.


  • To observe various settings throughout CCSD in order to broaden the collective awareness for DELT members of the current state of racial equity throughout CCSD
  • To look for and provide “receipts” of DELT’s goals, efforts and racial equity leadership penetrating the system
  • To make connections between the daily operations in CCSD and the key strategies outlined in Future Forward in relation to systemic racial transformation
  • To bear witness to students’ daily experiences throughout the system


DELT members will be divided into 6 groups. Each group will observe in at least two designated settings for a specified amount of time. During the observations, DELT members will be responsible for the following:

  • Gathering information within each setting
  • Noting the parts of the experience that most resonated and/or stood out
  • Serving in the role of participant observer
  • Suspending judgment and serving as an objective observer
  • Interacting with students and staff as appropriate for the setting

Literacy from Lois

As we continue our work in literacy, I would love to offer optional professional development opportunities. The plan is to provide professional development around areas of interest. Based on the areas of interest, I will collaborate with teachers in the building and beyond to provide succinct, practical, and effective professional development sessions. Please complete the survey below. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the survey-your input is extremely valuable! (The link is also below.)

The Foundational Toolkits are ready for check out! I have an old-school checkout system in place for the toolkits. There are clips with teacher’s names hanging on the wall by the toolkits. Simply take your clip and clip it to the black shelf so I will know where each toolkit is located. Please let me know if you have any questions.

As always, please continue to reach out for any and all things literacy! I truly enjoy the time I spend in your classrooms and working with you and your students.

From the desk of Alison Berner

Honoring Students with a passion for the US Military Community– Field Trip December 4, 2019

Each school is encouraged to nominate one student who has an intrinsic passion for helping veterans or supporting the military. This nominee will be invited to participate in a special fielded trip to the Center for American Values in Pueblo. The students will be recognized for their patriotism, meet a Medal of Honor Recipient, and learn so much about our servicemen and women. If you know of a student who fits this description and/or has strong military ties, please send his/her name to me by the end of the day Monday, November 18th.

Hello everyone,

This is our CCSD website for occupational therapy. It has tons of resources and ideas for students that may have difficulty with fine motor coordination, visual motor integration (coordination between hands and eyes), self regulation, self care, etc. Please check it out! If you have any questions or would like me to go over any of it with you, please let me know!

Thank you!

Jodie Langstaff

When you enter our building early in the morning, after hours, on weekends, etc. please remember to use the front door. Using the card access door will disarm the building and should help minimize the number of calls that security dispatch and on-call coordinators have to field. Once the building is disarmed, you can use other entrances. Please see the attachment below for more directions.


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  • Friday, November 15: School Spirit Day: Wear your Blue and Green!
  • Monday, November 18: SpEd Collaboration Day
  • Monday, November 18: PASS Meeting 5-6pm, Innovation Space
  • Friday, November 22: Katie Out, UIP Workshop
  • Friday, November 22: School Spirit Day: TWIN DAY
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