Marching For Freedom

by Elizabeth Partridge

The 1960s

The 1960s was not a good time period to live in for blacks. There was marches for freedom. They used different bathrooms because they were a different color. If a white wanted to sit in a seat that black was sitting in the black would be forced to move or they would be arrested. Mostly all the white parents would not let there kids play with black kids. Many people stood up to the whites but it was a while till they got the same rights. Some of these people are Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther KIng Jr. The most important part that blacks focesed on was voting.


Voting was a huge thing for the blacks. They tried many ways to vote. One way was they would bring a huge group so they would get worried and let them vote. Another way was they would try to cover there skin so they don't see what color they are. Thirdly, they would try to paint them selves white to vote. Many blacks got arrested for trying to vote. If you were black and you wanted to vote you would have to be brave to try.
Marching for Freedom Part 1