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February 27, 2015

Mindset is everything.

I'm a quote junkie and for me, sometimes the more words the better. Except with this. Three words that sum up almost every single aspect of life. Your mindset is going to determine how you tackle every aspect of your day to day routine.

I was reminded of that this morning when I went to the Boot Camp class I take. I was excited to get a good workout in since I hadn't been on a regular schedule because of the snow days and delays my girls have had this week. When I saw the workout written on the board, however, that quickly changed - 20 minutes of sprints with some pushups and planks thrown in. What!?! Waaah! I was already tired and knew by the end of the hour I'd be totally wiped! I quickly began to dread what was about to come, even though two minutes earlier I was excited.

And then I remembered - mindset is everything. Were these sprints going to stink? Yes! Of course they were. But--would I feel super accomplished when I was done? Yes! Of course I would. I started focusing on the result of getting through the workout instead of the workout itself, and everything changed.

And it's not any different with our business. Do I really want to pick up the phone and call my customers to offer a trunk show? If I'm being brutally honest - no, no I don't! BUT - how will I feel when my little blue card is loaded up with money because of the trunk shows I've done. It will feel pretty darn good!

Starting on Monday we're going to deep-dive into YOUR mindset. We had a fabulous FB chat this past week and talked a lot about mindset, and I think it's something we can really focus on to make a huge impact in our business. Our Hostesses aren't doing a trunk show FOR us, we are partnering with them and giving them the excuse for a guiltless girls night and showering them with hundreds of dollars in gorgeous accessories for doing so.

Do you see it that way? If not - you should! And you will after next week.

Get your mind clear and ready to go bright and early Monday morning. We're going to get into the right mindset to move our business forward this Spring! All the action will be going down on our team Facebook page, so if you're not checking in there regularly - time to start now.

Can't wait to get going with this!

xo, Krista

Look who's already changing their mindset to move their business forward!

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Call me crazy but I LOVE the end of the month! It is so much fun to watch so many of you work your tails off to cross the finish line with a bang. Cheering many of you on to hit the next threshold of sales!

ALMOST at $2300 (aka 30% in commission):

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ALMOST qualified with $500 in sales (aka earning free business supply credits, corporate leads & one month closer to the Consistency Bonus):

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We have TWO new Associate Stylists in the house!

This isn't the first time you've seen these two beauties in our Coffee Chat - their businesses are truly ON FIRE! Alisha Buckmaster and Julieyn Holder are the Glowing Stones newest Associate Stylists! In order to hit his first step into leadership, they've needed to sell at least $1200 in personal sales, have helped a team member under them sell at least $500 in sales and have team volume (them plus all members of their team) of $3000.

Alisha accomplished this feat in her Jumpstart (first 60 days of business), so not only will she be getting the gorgeous Circle of Success bracelet that Stella & Dot gifts all Associate Stylists and a jump in her commission, but she'll also be earning $500 in product credits!

Julieyn has totally changed her business in 2015 so it's no surprise that she's soaring. I could tell you what I think about her (she's awesome/inspiring/amazing, etc) but I think her words about how she made this happen are even better:

"I think my biggest thing was giving up the excuses - and just doing it! I set goals and I'm aiming high! I'm wondering why in the world it took me so long to grasp it!? Another important thing was I printed out EXACTLY what I need to do to promote. Amount of sales, people under me, etc. And I actually shared the opportunity with others about being a stylist which I never did last year! I'm loving every bit of this!! "

WAY TO GO GIRLS - so proud of you both!

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Why is it important to get time to connect with your Stella sisters? Because you are in this business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

You'll get...
- Stella top tips to get your business rolling in 2015... CHECK!
- Time with your Stella sisters to unwind & rewind... CHECK!
- Cocktails...CHECK & CHECK!
- New stylist training for all of you newer gals... CHECK!
- Ogling over the latest jewels & any Summer sneak peeks... CHECK!

And you're welcome to bring any of your potential stylists so we can help you seal the deal! Just say yes!!!

Bel Air, MD: Monday, March 2nd

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Annapolis, MD: Tuesday, March 3rd

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Rockville, MD: Tuesday, March 10th

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