Theme meaning:

Quote #1

The witches said "All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!" That gave Macbeth ambition to be king of Scottland.

Quote #2

Macduff says "Within my swords length set him; if he scape" this gave Macduff ambition to kill Macbeth.

3 pictures of characters with ambition.

Quote #3

Hectate says "Shall draw him on to his confusion" this quote explaines that Hectate has the ambition to give Macbeth confusion which lead Macbeth to his death.

Shakespeare's Message:

Shakespeare message was to tell the reader that people with too much ambition can lead to ones death or sombody elses death. Ambition is good but too much ambition is bad. That is what Shakespeare's message is to the reader.

Was he affective..

  • Yes because the characters with too much imbition killed someone or got killed.
  • He supported the theme of ambition.
  • Wanted to show if you have too much ambition it can be bad and he showed that by how Macbeth died at the end of the play.