Student Services Team Newsletter

Happy Fall!

Welcome to Parkway!

Thank you for checking in with the Student Support Team at Parkway! We are here at Parkway every day to educate and work with students to develop emotional, social, and life-long learning skills!

We can help with: BIG emotions, friend issues, how to speak up for yourself, resources for basic needs (food, clothing, housing, etc.), big/or small move or transition that happened or is coming up, student small groups, dysregulated behaviors, problem solving, modeling, workshops, IEPs/504 plans, making a plan for repeated behaviors that disrupt learning, lending a compassionate ear, and more!

Read on to hear a bit more from each of us!

Greetings from Mr. Tilley!

Hello Parkway Families!!

As the leaves have begun to fall and the winds are beginning to swirl, we have been focusing on Bullying Prevention in our SEL classes. October is National Bullying Prevention month and our focus has been on the 4 steps to prevent bullying here at Parkway School.

1) Recognize when Bullying is happening -students learned that a Bully is someone that is mean, over and over, and they do it on purpose. Bullying can be verbal, physical, social-emotional, or cyber.

2) Report Bullying to a caring adult -students had the opportunity in our classroom lessons to understand after they recognize Bullying who they can report it to. We talked about the trusted adults that work at Parkway that are here to help stop Bullying.

3) Refuse to let Bullying happen to themselves or others -students learned and practiced how to use assertive, strong, respectful language when addressing a Bully to get them to stop.

4) Be a bystander who stands up and is part of the solution to Bullying- students learned about tools and techniques they can use when they are a bystander who is noticing Bullying happening to someone else. They learned and practiced strategies using their words to let the Bully know it is not okay to Bully others.

In November we will turn our attention back to the Zones of Regulation where we will spend time learning about the Size of a Problem, tools and strategies to get back to the Green Zone, and Expected and Unexpected behaviors.

Please reach out to me at if you would like to touch base!

Hello from Dr. Rodriguez!

This is my 28th year in the GDRH school district. I've worked at both the elementary and middle schools. This year I'm excited to be at Parkway full time!

About me:

I'm the oldest of 7 and both my parents were teachers. I grew up in Shorewood and attended Marquette University and the University of Chicago. I have three children: Alex, 30, Becca, 27, and Sofia, 23, who live in three different states.

What does a School Psychologist do?

School psychologists counsel students, provide interventions, run lunch bunches, assess students, consult with staff and parents, write reports, train staff, write IEPs, problem solve, teach social skills, facilitate IEP meetings, develop behavior plans, help children in crisis, collect data, and provide information to teachers and parents about mental health and learning styles of children.

As a school psychologist, I support all students. I also complete evaluations of children from age 3 through 3rd grade who may have academic, behavior, or emotional struggles in order to determine appropriate services or interventions. My goal is to ensure that every child is able to access their education in the way that works best for them so that they can become successful and confident lifelong learners.

If you have any questions regarding school psychology services at Parkway, please contact me at or 414-351-7190 x2183.

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November 13, 2022 is World Kindness Day. Here's a fun game to promote kindness at home from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

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Hello from Mr. Rodgers!

Hello Parkway Families!

I am so excited to return to Parkway this year in a new role! I'm proud to continue our tradition of Play-Based Social Emotional Learning, known as Structured Play class here at Parkway. So far this year, students have been practicing core recess games such as Tag, Gaga Ball, Four Square, Basketball, Soccer, Kickball, and more!

While we are playing, we have been focusing on showing Kindness through Positive Language (for example, instead of saying “You lose” we say, “Nice Try!”). We are also solving minor disagreements with Ro Sham Bo! Ro Sham Bo is played just like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ro Sham Bo is a quick tool that students are empowered to use on their own so that they can have more time to play!

As the weather cools down, we will continue to spend as much time outdoors in the fresh air as possible. However, if the weather prevents it, we will practice indoor games that can be played in the classroom, focusing on things such as turn-taking, fair play, patience, personal space, and perseverance!

Please reach out to me at if you'd like to chat more. Play on!

Hello from Mr. Trusky!

Name: Mr. Trusky, 1st Grade PE Teacher

Education: Adams State University, 2014, Graduated with BA in Physical Education.

About Me:

- 2 kids (1 and 3)

- 2nd year at Parkway

- Likes to be outside in nature


Hobbies: snowboarding, bowling, softball, relaxing in my hammock, paint and draw.

What I can Help With:

- Support SST with student interventions

- Give movement breaks

- Help students process school issues (friends, recess issues...)

- Promote self-advocacy, (ask for what you need)

Please reach out to me at if you'd like to connect. Thank you!

Attendance update from Ms. Davis!

Dear Parents/Guardians of the Glendale-River Hills School District,

We are off a great start to the 2022-2023 school year! And the teachers and staff at both Parkway Elementary & Glen Hills Middle School are excited for your continued support and collaboration to help your student get to school and thus be able to take advantage of all the opportunities to engage in the learning process!

Getting into the habit of daily attendance is more important than ever. It helps to:

  • reduce stress
  • make it easier to connect with friends and teachers
  • support learning

Please call us if you need help with attendance concerns or need to report your student’s absence.
  • Parkway Elementary School: (414) 351-7190 ext. 1
  • Glen Hills Middle School: (414) 351-7170 ext. 2110

We are working to make our school environment a place where everyone can be safe, healthy and learning. We will do our best to listen and partner with you so that our children have a successful year.

Let's work together to:

  • Keep Safe - This includes: Increased student services staff at Glen Hills this year (additional school counselor, full-time school psychologist housed at Glen Hills, new position of student services support person) to support your student’s social, emotional, and mental health needs.
  • Keep Healthy – Make sure students get sleep, eat well and exercise. If you are not certain whether to send your child to school due to illness, call our Attendance/Health Office to consult.
  • Keep Connected – There are many ways to get involved this school year with extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities.
  • Keep Learning – If your child has to stay home because of illness or other reasons make sure that you are communicating this with our Attendance/Health Office staff and please reach out to teachers as needed or request for myself/School Social Worker or School Counselor to follow up with you so that we can make sure we are staying on top of the valuable learning that is taking place.

Reach out to me with any questions or concerns that come up at any point this school year. Please make sure we have your best contact information in our system/front office where we can most easily get in touch with you.


Denise Xayaroun Davis, District-wide School Social Worker

Parkway Celebrates Deaf Awareness Week!

Here is one of the videos that Ms. Curtis's Second Grade students made to celebrate and share Deaf Awareness Week!
Colors-Deaf Awareness Week

Parkway Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day!

Indigenous Peoples Day for Kids | Respect and Kindness | Rethink Columbus Day | Twinkl USA

Thank you!

Thank you for partnering with us at Parkway to make sure your student has access to a great day of learning every day!