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The New Monarchies and Isabella & Ferdinand

New Monarchies

In the 14th century, European rulers faced serious problems. Many dynastues in Europe were unable to produce male heirs. In the 15th century a number of rulers attempted to reestablish the centralized power of monarchies. Those reestablished states were referred to as "New Monarchies" This term especially applies to the monarchies of France, England, and Spain.
The Hundred Years War pt.1

Isabella & Ferdinand

The Most Renowed Royal Couple In History

Isabella and Ferdinand were married in 1469. Their greatest achievement was believed to be how they got rid of the Muslims and moved them out of Spain. This caused Spain to become Christian people. Isabella and Ferdinand sponsored Columbus' expedition to the New World. They helped Spain become one of the strongest countries in this time period. Until Isabella died in 1504. Ferdinand remarried in 1506. Ferdinand had spent much of the previous decade fighting the French in Italy. This is where he founded the Holy League, an alliance of Italianstates that include the Pope. Ferdinand died in 1516.
Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain

Analysis Questions

1. What do you think would have happened if Isabella and Ferdinand would have not gotten married?

2. To what countries does the term "New Monarchies" especially applies to? Why?