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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

As we consider our responsibility one to another, let's not think of this as a chore. Think of this as a way to bless Christ Himself! If (since) we are the Body of Christ, when we support, encourage, and protect one another, it is like we are doing the same for Him!

When reindeer are threatened by predators - hunters of animal or human kind - they do not stand still. They form what is called "reindeer cyclones". They begin to run together in circles to make it more difficult for their enemy to attack. The enemy of our souls wants to attack us. He desires to separate us from our herd and harm us, but unity in the body helps us fight back!

Reindeer Cyclone
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November 6, November 30, December 7

The Gideon Ministry is one CCOG has always been glad to support. Because we usually have a representative in the fall to give the Bible presentation, we will have a Gideon on the first Sunday of November. An offering will be taken to encourage the spread of the Gospel all over the world!

Also, mark your calendars for the two Wednesdays. These will be training sessions called "Conversations" which are to help us become more comfortable sharing our faith. Both Wednesday sessions will begin at 6:45. Refreshments will be available.

A short encouragement to pray

David Jeremiah Spiritial Warefare Praying Always with all Prayer