Stop Guessing and Start Dressing

Time to learn how to dress your newborn!

When dressing a newborn you will need all the proper accessories.

Now that your newborn has entered the world, they must enter in style!

It is important to know that the youngest stages of life are the most rapid in growth. For the newborn's first 6 months of life s/he will grow approximately 1/2 -1 inch a month and gain 5 to 7 ounces a week. Within the first year, your newborn will almost triple its weight and increase lengthwise by about 50%. This growth directly affects the amount and style of clothes you should buy for your newborn.

Cute, Comfortable, and Convenient

Everyone wants to show off their newborn, and what a better way than to dress him/her in the most adorable outfits out there. When shopping for your baby’s clothes, you need to look for the "3 C's": Cute, Comfortable, and Convenient. The first C is cute because you want your baby looking cute when s/he is shown to the world. The second C is comfortable. Your baby will need clothing based on the weather, time of day, size, etc. If you live somewhere hot, some of the things your baby will need are short sleeves, pants, and hats to shield their face from the sun, if the weather is cold your baby my need more sweaters, hats to keep their body heat in, mittens, and blankets. It is important that you remember that newborns are sensitive and do not like to be fussed with, so buying 10 onesie pajamas for your baby to wear around is a good idea. The third C is convenient because you need both convenient for the mother, and the mothers wallet. A babies clothes needs to be convenient because the mother needs to be able to easily access diapers for changing. But clothing has to be convenient to the mothers wallet because babies need cotton and soft materials but they cannot be too expensive because you baby is growing rapidly and will eventually grow out of their current clothes, and the clothes often get stained and or ruined very quickly. I would also be convenient to keep an extra outfit with you at all times just in case an accident occurs and your newborn needs a change of clothes.

Dressing A Newborn | Handy Tips

Still don't know what to buy?

Refer to the list of clothing items for your newborn in order to dress him/her comforably, and adorably.

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