Types of Fungi the Aborigines used

By Evelyn

Choiromyces Aboriginum

This type of fungus is most commonly found in the dry areas of the Northern Territory, South Australia, and in Western Australia. It was a traditional food for the Aborigines living in these places. They ate it either raw or cooked over a fire and it was reported that it tasted like soft, rubbery cheese. It is shaped roughly like a sphere and is about 7 cm across.

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Fomes fomentarius

This fungus is also known as tider fungus because the aborigines used it for that very reason, as, if it was left in a fire, it would smoulder all day. Ironically, when it was still growing and stuck to the tree, it would work as a parisite and cause the tree to rot. It is inedible and it's color varies much. It grows from 5cm to 40cm, and is hoof, or fan shaped.
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