Home of The Brave


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Social Issue

The social issue in The Home of The Brave is basicly Africa. People are getting killed. Kek was very lucky to make it out of this harmful situation. Kek's dad and brother died in Africa. His mom went missing. Kek the african refuge, is now in America. Safe and Sound.

Being an Advocate

To be an advocate in this situation, i have a few ideas.

Treating people unfairly is unacceptable, especially because of looks, or even race. Preventing these terrible things i would do....

1. Pass laws through (If they haven't already)

2. If the problem is involved with guns, shut down gun shops, or knife, or other weapon shops. Or even have permits required, or possible to background checks on people who attempt to get a permit.

3. Have Africa's president make speeches that are convincing to people not to hurt people. (This would probably the hardest solution)

Being honest here, this is a very challenging social issue to find a solution for.

Comparing Kek

In the beginning of the book Kek was negative, sad, and worried. I don't blame him. He has moved to a COMPLETELY new place. Snow, and nobody like him. But towards the end he is giving compassion to the people who are providing a lot for him. He comes together and is very grateful for everything he has. Kek, is a very thankful person, and he has gained this throughout the book.