Bess Truman Fast Facts

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Bess Truman Overview

Bess Truman was the 33rd first lady of the United States. She was born on February 13, 1885 in Independence, Mo. She was known as more of a Tom Boy and loved the sport Tennis. She won a championship game when she was about 15. After High School she married Harry S. Truman in soon after high school. After they got married Harry became the 33rd president of the United States. There was only one problem, Bess did not want to be first lady. She persevered until her time to be first lady was done. After being first lady, she sadly died on October 19th, 1982.

Just So You Know...

  • Bess Truman was the longest living first lady she died at age 97.
  • She was a very quiet first lady.
  • Did not like to give press conferences.