East Of Eden

By: Hayley, Sarah, Kate, Katelynn and Jessica

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden was an earthly paradise that gave life to Adam and Eve. The garden is the start of all life on earth, according to the book of Genesis in the bible. Not long after Adam and Eve were created, they were thrown out of Eden, as God only allowed them to live there if they followed his rules. The garden represents the pureness and innocence of the first humans, and the animals that lived there. Even today, people of the Jewish and Christian faith are drawn to goodness so that one day they might be worthy of living in Eden.


Adam was the first human ever to walk the earth. On the 6th day God made man and gave the man all the animals but convinced himself that it still wasn't enough so God then made woman and put adam to sleep and took a rib, then made females. Then God said to them to not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And guess what they did, they ate from it… then they tried to hide from god and cloth themselves. Then god punished them each for woman it was pain during childbirth but for men it was toil and sweat for him subsistence. The Qur’anic book says that Adam was made of clay then he was exalted with knowledge. Satan tempted adam and his “wife” to eat the fruit. They believe Adam's sin is his own.


Eve was one of the main people in Adam and Eve. She was the one that took the bite out of the apple after jesus told her not to and in one article the writer compares her to being the second Mary.One of the questions asked is who sinned first, Adam or Eve, and really they sinned at the same time, even though one bit it first they still thought about it and that is a sin in itself.In another article they talk about this story being a myth and just some crazy story from the Jews and Christians. In the end the explanation neither helped us to understand the rich biblical reference in the 17th century, nor figure out what the bible meant to different people at different times for different reasons.

Original sin

Original Sin is a tendency to inherited in human beings to wrong.This derived from the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the East of Eden. In the bible Adam and Eve were the first sin against God.

Land of Nod

The Hebrew word for “Nod” is wandering. God forces Cain to leave his family after killing his brother, Abel, and Cain becomes a wanderer looking for a place to live. In Genesis 4:16 it says, “Cain went out from the Lord's presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden”. The land of Nod gets its name from Cain because he wandering around so they called it the land of Nod.


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