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2017-2018 Technology News

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Connect2Texas Videoconferences Continue to Benefit SISD Students

Social Studies instruction is typically put on the back burner in elementary education. With high stakes testing in math and reading, teachers must emphasize and priortize instruction in those areas. Thankfully, SISD has amazing teachers whom find creative ways to integrate social studies concepts in reading and writing when appropiate. 4th grade is the first year when students begin to spend more time learning about social studies topics. This year, new 4th grade science and social studies teacher, Christa Turner, took advantage of a Connect2Texas videoconference for her students. They connected with the Library of Congress to learn about the US Constitution.

One of our Pre K teachers, Leana Walker, connecetd with the Fort Worth Library for LIVE story reading. Students were involved in multiple kinesthetic learning activities throughout the session involving song and dance. Students reviewed the primary colors and letters of the alphabet, not only in english, but in two other languages as well, ASL and spanish.

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Hook & Slice Scholarship Golf Scramble

The last two years, we’ve held this Scholarship Golf Scramble for our staff to raise money for our Spearman graduates. Last year we raised $1,000 and this year we were able to raise ~$1,150. Staff members pay to play a fun-filled 9 hole scramble and donations were obtained from several Spearman merchants to raise the money. The scholarship money is handed over to the Spearman Scholarship Foundation at the end of the year, to honor Spearman graduates continuing their education. Thank you to the Spearman Lion’s Club for providing the meal!

SISD Staff Blessed by our Wonderful Community

Our staff was blessed with two amazing luncheons offered by the Spearman Union Church and the First Baptist Church this in-service. Last year’s church luncheons were provided by the Spearman Church of Christ and the First United Methodist Church. These wonderful luncheons allow our teachers a stress-free time to eat and more importantly a time to have the upcoming school year, the students and the teachers prayed for. We appreciate each church for putting together a wonderful meal for our staff!

Spearman PD Conference = Choice in PD

The PD Conference was hit again! Thank you to ALL the presenters and local vendors for your help! This could not be done without ALL of you!

  • 27 different sessions offered for the staff to choose from
  • 15 sessions were technology related
  • 12 sessions in regards to instructional practice/ vertical alignment/ planning for retirement/ etc.
  • All presented by local teacher sharing best practices

2016-2017 Technology News

Connect2Texas Videoconferences

Spearman Junior High 6th graders took advantage of one of the many FREE videoconferences offered through the Connect2Texas network. Our local 6th graders learned from a Primatologist/ Conservationist and one of National Geographic’s lead correspondents on their Ultimate Explorer series. The 45 minute videoconference was engaging and informative and provided an opportunity for schools from all over Texas to reach beyond their rural boundaries and learn from experts in the REAL WORLD!

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Recap....an Amazing Student Response & Reflection Tool

Recap is a FREE video response and reflection app teachers can use to glean insight into the kids learning process! This is a great way to gather evidence of student thinking! Another positive.....teachers can share student videos with their parents with a simple link!

For Module 3 in the Instructional Technology Grant program, I exposed the teachers to Recap so they could learn a little about it as well as witness the student perspective of the program! Take a look at one teachers Recap over what we've been learning about in the IT Grant program! The second Recap is from one of her students regarding Veteran's Day! It is adorable!

A workshop for Recap will be provided for teachers December 7th!


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Recent Teacher PD Opportunties

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IT Grant Participants learning about SAMR

The SAMR Model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura as means to help teachers infuse technology into their teaching effectively by understanding the "layers" of technology integration which exist. SAMR is the acronym for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition.

At the Substitution level, technology is merely substituting the paper format. there is no real functional change in the task by integrating the technology. At the Augmentation level, the technology does improve the function of the task to some degree. At the Modification level, the technology is used more effectively to redesign the learning task. At the final level, Redefinition, the technology is allowing for the creation of tasks inconceivable without the technology component.

Example: Writing a Short Story:

  • Substitution: A Word Processor replaces a Pen/Pencil in a Writing Assignment.
  • Augmentation: A Word Processor and text-to-speech function are used to improve the writing process.
  • Modification: The document created using the Word Processor and text-to-speech function is shared on a blog where feedback can be received and incorporated to help improve the quality of writing.
  • Redefinition: Instead of a written assignment, students convey analytic thought using multimedia tools.

Example: Geography & Travel:

  • Substitution: Use presentation software (like Powerpoint or Prezi) to construct a presentation providing information about a selected locale.
  • Augmentation: Incorporate interactive multimedia – audio, video, hyperlinks – in the presentation to give more depth and provide more engaging presentation.
  • Modification: Create a digital travel brochure that incorporates multimedia and student created video.
  • Redefinition: Explore the locale with Google Earth; seek out and include interviews with people who have visited the local.




Padlet is an online tool that allows teachers and students to work collaboratively on a digital canvas of sorts. Teachers can create a canvas and share access to it with their students so they can upload evidence of work, student made videos, text, images, etc... It could also be used as a quick way to receive student feedback regarding a concept or topic just learned in class!

In this example, Mrs. Anderson, created a Padlet with images of tasks and solutions. She made copies of the Padlet for each of her small student groups so they could work collaboratively and manipulate the cards to illustrate their understanding. This may look like a simple "substitution" activity in which it's just replacing the hands-on manipulative version; however this is actually an "augmented version" of the task, because now the cards are stored online, accessible by students anywhere and anytime for them to review and practice.


How to use Padlet

Quizlet & Quizlet LIVE for Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction

Mrs. Ashmore, our high school College Algebra and Business teacher, taught her peers how she integrates Quizlet and Quizlet LIVE in her classroom to help enhance how her students learn and show mastery of academic vocabulary!

Quizlet has been around for a while! It is a free instructional technology tool that allows teachers to search for existing vocabulary sets "quizlets" or create their own. When teachers share the hyperlink to a quizlet set, student have the opportunity to practice learning the terms SIX different ways. This includes flashcards, learn mode, spell, test, matching (race for fastest time), and the new gravity (beat the falling asteroid). Teachers have access to a new option in Quizlet, called LIVE, which allows kids to compete in teams against each other, while keeping each student accountable for showing their knowledge of the terms.

Teachers were able to take what they learned and utilize it their classroom immediately!


Quizlet live in action

Instructional Technology Grant Program

The IT Grant Program participants are currently comparing IT Usage vs. IT Integration and reflecting on their practices in both. They are using Google Drawings to illustrate their comparisons and reflections, thus, while completing the learning task, they are also getting experience with a digital curation tool! 10-6-2016
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Student Learning Processes..& Tech. that may help! 9-26-2016

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Secondary Math Learning Stations w/ a little Tech. help

Mrs. Anderson, our 8th grade Math teacher and JH Alg. 1 teacher has been interested in finding ways to incorporate learning stations (aka. centers) at her level for a couple of years now. There are fewer resources available for secondary teachers to seek out when it comes to integrating learning centers; however, research shows that kids benefit from this differentiated approach to teaching and learning! Incorporating learning stations allows for a more student-centered approach to learning while tackling both current concepts and skills as well as spiraling those learned in previous lessons. 9-19-2016

2016 Teacher PD kicks-off w/ Google Classroom, Planbook & Google Drive

2015-2016 School Year Tech News

Teacher Professional Development Using Twitter


Teachers across the district have been challenged to show proof of the use of research-based instructional strategies in their classroom on Twitter. SISD's Amazing Race kicked off Feb. 1st and will end Feb. 26th! Take a look at their AMAZING contributions!

Teachers Using Pic Collage to Illustrate Student Learning

5th Grade Science iMovie Videos

The 5th graders were at it again this year. For the past couple of years, Mr. Wilkerson has inspired his students to create videos about the Physical Changes in Matter! Typically students would capture video with an iPad then edit it using a free version of WeVideo on a computer; however, this year he had his students create their videos using iMovie! TAKE A LOOK!
Shieldknight's Channel
Shieldknight's Channel
Shieldknight's Channel

The 12 Strategies Of Christmas Challenge

Pre-k through grade twelve teachers have been given a "challenge" the last three weeks of school called the "The 12 Strategies of Christmas." The premise of the challenge is to encourage teachers to use as many, if not all, of the 12 Strategies with their students the remainder of the fall semester in an effort to motivate them ALL to finish the semester with a bang! :D

For each strategy a teacher uses and submits proof of, their name goes in a drawing for a $200.00 Visa gift card to help with all their holiday spending!

If you are on Twitter, search #sisd12days to see what teachers have submitted. Here is a preview of some of the submissions thus far:

Practicing Financial Literacy in 5th Grade Math

Mrs. Knowlton has found a way to integrate her financial literacy TEKS throughout the school year. Each six weeks her students earn "money" to put in their accounts at Knowlton National Bank. They earn money for Dojo points, grades, etc... As they earn their "money" they make deposits and balance their accounts. At the end of the six weeks students and staff donate items for a class auction where students enthusiastically have a chance to spend their "money." After the auction, they balance their accounts and practice writing checks to pay for their goods.

The hot items at the auction were lunches with Mrs. Curry and Mrs. King and of course.....candy! One candy bar sold for $3,000.00. :O



During this project each group was responsible for creating an infomercial presentation trying to sell their brand new invention to an investor. The objective of this project was to demonstrate complete understanding of the concept and creation of a linear equation. Students will demonstrate the different types of linear relationships as well as real world cost and earning potential.
Shieldknight's Channel
Shieldknight's Channel

Mystery Skype- A Way Students can Connect and Learn with Other Students around the Globe

Mystery Skype is a great way for students to connect and learn with students around the globe. Last year we had a first grade glass and 6th grade class perform Mystery Skype's with other schools.

Mrs. Saylor's first grade class performed a Mystery Skype with another US school to "Guess My Number?" The objectives were to practice asking good questions, practice the process of elimination, and most importantly, apply the knowledge they had learned about numbers (greater than, less than, # of digits, place value, use of the 100's chart, etc..) during the activity. Mrs. Davis's 6th grade Social Studies class performed a Mystery Skype with another US school to "Guess My Country?" The objectives for this activity also included learning to ask good questions and the process of elimination; however, they applied geographic skills (mapping, research, etc...) in the process.

Mrs. Davis is at work again this year Mystery Skyping with a school in Kansas. The most recent lesson was "Guess My Presidential Candidate?" The Kansas school had their local newspaper come and record parts of the lesson to include an article in the local paper.

7th Grade TX History Learns about the Wichita Native Americans

The 7th graders have been learning about the Wichita Native Americans in TX History. For this project, students used an App called Pic Collage to illustrate what they learned about them.

Pic Collage is a student friendly App that allows them to create a multimedia poster. They can upload backgrounds, text, images, and even YouTube videos into their projects.

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5th Grade Math Videos

The 5th graders have been working hard learning how to solve 2-digit by 3-digit multiplication problems. Take a look at the videos they created which demonstrate the steps it takes to solve them.

Mrs. Beck's Pre-AP Geometry Classes Make iMovies

For this lesson, students created iMovies to illustrate what they had learned about the Pythagorean Theorem, including how to use the formula to solve for a side or the hypotenuse.
Maren and Ariha
Haley and Ivan

6th Grade Publishing their Book Reviews on Scholastic to Share with Others

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High School Calculus Investigates the Quotient Rule

Below is an iMovie created by two high school seniors regarding a new learning objective they are embarking on. In Calculus, students are about to learn the Quotient rule, thus Mrs. Ashmore had them do a little pre-lesson to see what they could learn about the rule before their journey begins.

I personally love how Klara and Nikki make the setting of their iMovie scary, as I know that's how I might feel if I were about to learn and solve such problems! :D.

The Product Rule-Nikki & Klara

6th grade Math students learn about Geometry

In Mrs. Blickenstaff's 6th grade math classes, she had her students use iMovie as means to show what they learned about certain geometric shapes in her last unit. Students were able to locate and capture shapes images throughout the school on their assigned shape, then show how to solve for volume of their shape.
Area Of A Triangle

5th grade Math Lesson

For this lesson students had to first write the steps to solving a long division problem and then turn it into a comic story. Pixton Comic was used to create the comics.
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Practicing Homophones with Pic Collage in First Grade

In Mrs. Black's First Grade class, students using the Pic Collage App on the iPads to make collages of homophones. With Pic Collage students can create FREE digital multimedia posters with the ability to add video, search web photos, upload photos from the camera roll, apply stickers and text, and change the background.
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2014-2015 School Year Tech News

7th Grade Math Infomercials


During this project each group was responsible for creating an infomercial presentation trying to sell their brand new invention to an investor. The objective of this project was to demonstrate complete understanding of the concept and creation of a linear equation. Students will demonstrate the different types of linear relationships as well as real world cost and earning potential.
Memory cloth
My Movie 1

2nd Grade WOWW Program

Mrs. George put this video together using the App Magisto, which provides a glimpse of what the 2nd graders got to learn about from the WOWW program in October.

Learning about Adjectives with Skitch

Kids had the chance to wear their Halloween costumes to school during Red Ribbon Week. Mrs. George found a way to make it a learning opportunity, thus had her kids use the Skitch App to annotate over their pictures using adjectives they had been learning about.

5th Grade Decimal Models

In Mrs. Knowlton's 5th grade math class, students are using Google Slides to create models to represent decimals.

Second Grade- Write About This!

Second grade students had a visitor come in and teach them about animals and show them furs and skeletons. To reflect on the experience, Mrs. Smith had her students complete a digital journal entry with an App known as Write About This!
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Conditional Statement Collaborative Presentations

In Mrs. Beck's geometry class, students used Google Presentation to collaborate and write stories using conditional statements based on the popular children’s book “If you give a mouse a cookie…”.

Parellel and Transversal Lines with Google Draw

In Mrs. Beck's geometry class, students used their knowledge of parallel lines cut by a transversal to plan a city. Students created a city street map using google draw. Students placed locations at specific points. For example, the gas station and restaurant are at alternate exterior angles.

8th Grade History Interactive Timelines

In 8th Grade History students have been learning about the American Revolution. As a 21st century project, Mr. Beck had his students create multimedia timelines using a web tool known as Timeglider. Check out one of his students creations.

7th Grade ELA Digital Storybooks

In Mrs. Tanaro's class students created digital storybooks with a web tool/ App known as Little Bird Tales. Here is one to view!


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Learning About Instruments in Second Grade

Learning about instruments

Second Grade Popplets

Second grade teachers were busy teaching their kids about nouns. In order to assess kids understanding of nouns, they challenged their kids go throughout the school and take pictures of them using the iPads, then create a Popplet (concept map) to illustrate it.
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SHS Art Students Annimotos

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21st Century Projects in Geometry

The goal of this project was to have the students research the Pythagorean theorem and present it in a way that a person with no prior knowledge could understand and use the Pythagorean theorem. Students were asked to incorporate a video, a comic, a QR code, or a Voki in their presentation as a teaching tool.

Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Popplet & Video about Plants

Mrs. Smith's students used the App Popplet to create a graphic organizer showing the parts of a plant and the function of each of its parts. They had to illustrate using 3 methods - drawing, using the camera, and importing a picture from the Internet. After completing the Popplet, they wrote a script and made a short movie! Fun, fun!! These were done by Cady, Adamari, and Lindsey. Everyone is working on their own.
2nd Grade "Plant" Video
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Knowlton Beck Interview

Mr. Winger integrating CPS and Apple Reflector

In his 7th grade math classes, Mr. Winger utilized eInstruction and the CPS clickers along with the Apple Reflector. He created a short assessment using the App called, Teaching Table, and reflected it on his interactive board using Apple reflector. His students used the clickers to answer the questions he created, which increased their engagement level for the quiz, as well as helped Mr. Winger out because the software program graded the quiz for him. In a simple click of a button, Mr. Winger was able to see who had mastered the concept he was informally assessing and who needs remediation. Instant feedback at his finger tips!

3rd Grade Animotos

Check out these 3rd Grade Animotos, created by Mrs. Morris' and Mrs. Baca's Math students. In this video the students are demonstrating how to use the STAAR math ruler found on their STAAR charts, as well as their knowledge of measuring.

This is a great way to blend hands-on learning with technology. The technology integration permitted the teacher and students to capture the student learning and create a 21st century product of the learning taking place, which is a technology application TEK.

2nd Grade CHROMEBOOK News!

Dixie Smith's second graders have been experimenting with the Chromebooks as well! After reading a story about penguins, Mrs. Smith sent a Google form to her students. The activity on the form was to research and find as many types of penguins as they could. They completed the form and submitted it to her in her Google Drive. They viewed all their responses, copied the completed list, and pasted it into a tagxedo word art creation
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Chromebook Pilot in 5th grade

Mrs. Knowlton's class is doing great things with their new Chromebooks. In this picture, one of her students is scanning a Qr Code for a specific tutorial on how to solve a math problem. What a great way to differentiate instruction! Her students have also been creating Animoto's, which are quick video clips. The students were learning about measurement, so they decided to create a quick video about the different units of length and capacity they are responsible for knowing on the STAAR test.

Elementary iPads in Action!

Recently Mrs. Saylor had her students create comic strips in her first grade class using an App called, FriendStrip. Earlier this year she had a group of her students create a multimedia story book using the App, Puppet Pal. The kids are loving learning and creating with these devices! Check them out!
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The Blizzardy Day


Mr. Wilkerson's 5th grade science class recently created WeVideo's to demonstrate their knowledge of the physical changes of water. The kids did a great job of combining 21st century skills with the knowledge they learned to create this product. Isn't it AWESOME! You can tell they had fun doing it!




High School Chromebook Pilot

In Mrs. Beck's class the high school geometry students have been enjoying collaborating on their Chromebooks. Just recently the students worked on a Google Presentation which is similar to Power Point but so much better! Google Presentation allows students to collaborate "real time" and work on the presentation simultaneously so that each student is accountable for the project. The students really enjoyed this. Check out one of the presentations below!
Tessellation Google Presentation

Check out Jaci Burgin and Payton Harrell's Google presentation.