The Iranian News

by: Sophie P.


Iran has 77.45 million people, 636,374 square miles. The capital of Iran is Tehran witch is also the largest city in Iran. Iran mean "land of Aryans'" in Persian. 98% of the Iranian population is Islamic. Want more information read below.

What's going on in Iran today

Embargo and Dictatorship and Desalination words of the day

Embargo- An order that restricts or forbids trade with another country. So is America going to embargo with Iran if Iran quits its nuclear program or not.tell us what you think on our website.

Dictatorship- Government under the control of one all-power leader. Will there be another dictator coming to power or not. Do you think another dictator will come to power tell us who and when you think they will come to power.

Desalination- The prossess when you make salt water drinkable. Do you think our next door neighbor Sadi Arabia is desalination the ocean water because they're no rivers in the country. Tell us what you think. This is Sophie reporting the freshest news around.