Room 9 News

February 2014

iMovie Permission Slip

The kids are working in collaborative groups and are taking a theme from our visit from our Border Patrol Agent Spear and his dog, sweet Kora, from beginning to end. I had 5 topics in mind, the kids were placed in voluntary groups, and they have been thinking, discussing ideas, writing, drawing, writing songs, and finally, figuring out how to place themselves and present their part of this presentation. It's been really cool to watch and listen to all of their bright ideas and so sweet to see how well they are really trying to listen to each other's ideas... respectfully; a true life skill as we all know.

So, after sharing this cool stuff with Angie Tremble, she suggested that I send a permission slip to you to allow your child to be in a video. I understand that this is different from allowing their photos shown in the paper and due to going to an outside source. Please return it to me ASAP. Thank you!


The kids and I are going to run laps for our friends in Kenya. If you are interested in collecting money or volunteering, just be thinking about it. I do not have a date set yet, however, it will be sometime in March. I need to check a few things out and then we will set the date.

We talked about running laps at $.25 each lap, an open amount that the parent would like to donate, or a lump sum of what you would like to contribute.

Depending on how much we raise, I would like to split what the kids earn between Hope Educational Centre and another charity here in the San Diego area... maybe a school that someone knows of who needs assistance. Any help here is welcome.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up! We will be meeting the week of March 10, for about 25-30 minutes. I will be sharing your child's report card, samples of writing, math, and language, and work they have completed using their iPad. I LOVE sharing what the kids are doing and making a connection with you all! See you soon!

Seussical Jr. Play

We will be attending a play at North Coast Rep Theatre on Friday, March 28. We will be leaving school around 11:15 and we will be coming back by 2:15. We are all looking forward to attending a play with all 2nd grade! What a great memory!

Please remember that this Friday, February 28, is the day for all yellow permission slips to be returned to school. Thank you!