The Great Bear Rainforest

Science Project

The Great Bear Rainforest

Threats to the Rainforest

There is a oil pipeline that is threatening the Rainforest because if there is a small crack in the pipeline it can destroy the plants in the Rainforest. If all the plants die then the herbivores will either die or leave the ecosystem. If that happens then the carnivores that eat the herbivores will leave or die. In conclusion if the pipeline breaks then the whole biome will be destroyed.

The Climate of the Rainforest

Precipitation averages at about 3,000mm/118in of snow and rain a year.

The average temperature is 20*C or 68*F.

Animals that live in the biome

  1. The Spirit Bear
  2. SItka black-tailed deer
  3. Salmon
  4. bald eagles
  5. hawks

Plants that are in the biome

  1. Cedar trees
  2. Sitka spruce trees
  3. Coral reefs
  4. Redwood trees
  5. Gondwanan plant species