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All Staff Inspection newsletter 7 December 2015

John Bowditch- HMI Scotland

The following colleagues under the leadership of our Managing Inspector John Bowditch will be visiting GCFE this week. Below you can see their Linkedin Profile and a photo for some!

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Time to show we rock!

As you know our visiting inspectors are here. We have welcomed them in Guernsey French ( with a little help from our Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq)

Bianv'nu à Giernesi! Nou vou souaete ene visite qi vou doune ene amas d'pyézi et ene experiaence hardi buone ci naon ichin au College chute s'moine.

— Dé tou les sians qi travaile au College dé Giernesi

For translation scroll down to the bottom!

You are all invited for an informal and voluntary briefing meeting with Inspectors . This will be on 7th December at 5:30pm at the Future Chef's restaurant at Coutanchez campus.

Latest meeting schedule can be found here:


May I thank you all for doing such a superb job in plumbing up the cushions for our visiting guests this week. Many of the college rooms are looking glistening and much tidier. Specially the staff room at Coutanchez.

We don't do things by halves! As well as our Inspectors we will welcome His Excellency Diego Gómez Pickering, the Mexican Ambassador to the UK and colleagues from Aspire2B who will be conducting an ED-Tech review on the College. So a busy and buzzing week ahead of us all.

As many of you heard me say at the Staff Development Day, my advice and note to you is to enjoy the experience and make sure that you will give the College the very best of chance of showcasing what we are good at. Be honest, factual and open in your approach. We would like to hear from you if you have an interaction with inspectors. You can do this by completing this form:

Inspection feedback form: https://form.jotform.com/53372112679962

or by contacting the reception at the campus you are in. We would like to make sure that inspectors have the correct information and assumptions about our college and your help in this is of great value.

I wish you an enjoyable and developmental experience and am certain that we all benefit from this.

Saboohi Famili

CEO and Principal CFE

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This week's Key Tips for the visit! Do your best!

Inspection…!!!! Aaarrrggghhhhhh!!!! Ok…..and….breathe…!

Actually, it’s a validation process. Where the inspection/validation team are looking We think that it’s almost certainly going to be a pleasant, helpful and positive experience. A team of teachers, who are like us, with the same passion for and commitment to, learning and learners, will be having conversations about what we do, how we do it, and why. And there will be coffee and cake aplenty….we want to make our guests feel welcome!

And so….relax!

As the CLT, we have great confidence in you, and the terrific work you do. We’re actually excited to show our guests how good we are, and the plans we have. We’re proud of this College and its staff, and we hope you are, too.

But if you are still having anxieties, and can’t shake them, then here are some handy tips that you might find useful.


Focus on what you can control – and let go of the rest. We’re sure you want to be the best you can be, so concentrate on that – getting on top of your red folder, working your way through the ‘my contribution’ checklist….


Think how good this could be…an opportunity to talk about what’s good about the College, the team, and what you do. Focus on the positives


Know what the SER and QIP say that affects your job or service area.


Make them feel good about the process too – be welcoming, be warm, be positive; be friendly and helpful; be open; be honest. And show you care….


It’s ok to say what’s wrong, or difficult, or could be better – that’s the truth, and inevitable. But also say what you or the team are doing to improve things, or how someone is dealing positively with it.


Be positive about the positives; say what you think is good – about the College, your team, the students….


Be prepared to give evidence to support your views. For example:

“it’s a great place to work” because….?

“It’s a great team” because….?

“we struggle to recruit in X” evidence? Numbers? Reasons?


If they ask for evidence, provide examples – don’t say “it’s in the action plan” – that’s only a plan – what they want to hear about are specific actions you or someone else has taken


It will be less of an interview, more of a chat. Less one way, more two way. So be prepared to…..well, chat! Have things you want to say, examples of good practice


And if you are still worried or anxious, then don’t be. Talk your concerns through with someone, don’t let them fester and build up…..

If we each do our best – they’ll all be impressed

Red Folders

The concept of Red Folders to ensure there is consistency of course documentation has been a common practice already. If you would like to have an actual shiny Red Folder they are now available to you from receptions at each campus. The red folder check list can be found here https://www.scribd.com/doc/290707817/Red-Observation-Folder-Index-Sheet . Please make sure you have all the relevant documentation or its signposted. Our inspection team will have access to Pro Monitor and Pro Solution, so if you have for example signposted the group profile to Pro Monitor it may be that the will have a look. If you want to have all your documentation electronically please save it on a clearly labelled USB for them to look at should they observe you. You can pick up USB from receptions.

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Staff Inspection results update

We will know the outcome of the inspection on Friday 11 December 2015.

All staff are invited to come to an to hear an outline overview of the findings from the Inspection on Friday 11 December at the PAC @12.30.

Translation of our welcome message to the inspectors!

Welcome to Guernsey. We wish you an enjoyable visit and a fulfilling and positive experience at our College this week. From all of us at Guernsey College.