The Invisible Hand

How Competition Regulates the Marketplace

Free Market Economy

Choices made by individuals determine what gets made, how it is made, and how much people can consume of the goods and services produced.

The Self Regulating Nature of the Marketplace

It is competition and our own self-interest that keeps the market-place functioning.

Advantages of the Free Market

A free market includes, Economic efficiency, economic freedom, economic growth, and additional goals.

Three Top Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers

In the Ag Equipment industry, there are basically three main competitors in the United States, CNH, John Deere, and Allis-Chalmers. CNH started as two companies, International Harvester, later Case IH, and New Holland joining together to make Case New Holland, or CNH. CNH manufactures ag equipment such as harvesters, tractors, cultivators, planters, and lawn and garden equipment. John Deere, started as a plow company, that has expanded to much more than just plows, following in many of Case IH's steps, John Deere has introduced many lines of equipment such as harvesters, tractors, and lawn and garden equipment. Allis-Chalmers, is probably the least common of the three, with small product lines, being foreign made, and with scarce dealerships, makes finding parts for them harder than for other equipment. CNH and John Deere basically run the market, constantly offering more options, such as luxury items, bigger more powerful equipment, as well as more productive equipment.