#MichED Chat 2/10/16

The Teacher/Administrator Chat

Join teacher Todd Bloch (@@blocht574) and administrator John Bernia (@MrBernia) as they moderate the burning questions from the side of an administrator and the side of a classroom teacher.

This evening #MichED takes a question and answer forum to a different level. What questions do administrators have for teachers and what questions do teachers have for administrators. Join us as we explore these education community roles.

Questions for admin are identified with and "A" and questions for teachers are identified with a "T", but all should feel welcome to respond to all questions.

A - Q1: What occurs at district administration meetings? Ts feel we need you here in building

T - Q2 Teachers often invite admins to “see something cool.” Do you make the same invite to other teachers? If not, why not?

A- Q3: Can I watch you teach my class? You have suggestions that I can’t get to work, I want to see them work for you.

T - Q4: What can I do to make evaluations more meaningful for you?

A - Q5: Why do staff sometimes feel gotcha moments occur? How can we eliminate them.

T- Q6: My goal is for you to be able to plan and implement quality lessons and assessments and give good feedback to students. What roadblocks exist that make this difficult?

A-Q7: I don’t want to interrupt but I need a moment of your time: How can we talk without intruding on each others time?

T-Q8: Many admins hear “you’ve forgotten what it’s like to teach.” Specifically, what have we forgotten?

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Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.