Quadratics Vocab!

With Mr. Wasif the GREAT


Definition: A special curve, or a line shaped like an arch.

Example: A graph with the height of a ball thrown in the air, the line would rise, then decrease, creating a parabola.

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Definition: An equation in which the highest exponent is 2

Example: 2x^2+5x-3

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Definition: Vertex typically means a corner or a point where lines meet.

Example: In a square there would be four vertex's due to four corners, or places where the lines meet.

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Axis of Symmetry

Definition: A line through a shape so that each side is a mirror image.

Example: One could put a line through a triangle, and both side must be the exact same.

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Maximum Value

Definition: The largest value.

Example: In the numbers "5, 8, 12, 6" the largest value is "12."

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Minimum Value

Definition: The least value.

Example: In the numbers "10, 18, 43, 6" the minimum value is "6."

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  • a single number, or
  • a variable, or
  • numbers and variables multiplied together.

Example: "4x - 7 = 5," "2," "a."

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Zeroes (Roots)

Definition: When a function equals zero.

Example: When you solve a function, the answer is zero.

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