OCTOBER 14, 2016

What's happening?

~Just a reminder that if you are an employee of the coop, and you are requesting records for a student, use the coop's Request For Records form.

~If you are considering leaving/retiring from the coop at the end of this year, it would be great if you could let us know asap. We could then advertise the position as a "possible" opening to get an applicant pool. We advertise with the Montana Recruitment Project and they are already going out to career fairs around the country. It would be great to NOT have to look for positions but if we do then it is nice to have a heads up.

~Let me know if you have any thoughts on ideas for a Christmas exchange this year. A couple thoughts I had were: Pick a charity, everyone bring a gift to the party for that charity to be delivered all together OR bring a gift, do not wrap it, draw numbers from a hat, start with #1, take gifts from each other, OR same as before but wrap the gift OR draw names to buy a gift.

~Reminder when texting or emailing concerning students to use initials instead of names.

~Have a great weekend and enjoy the 4 day next week!

My schedule next week:

Monday: Office, conference call 3:00

Tuesday: Office, referral meeting 3:30

Wednesday: East Helena Schools

Thursday: MEA

Friday: MEA


Tracie and Casey - October 8

Dorothy - October 16

Laura - October 26

Judy - October 30

Shelley Dempsey

"Teachers make more minute by minute decisions than brain surgeons...and that is why you're going home so exhausted each day." Dr. Tina Boogren