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Perspiration attacks and eating attacks

Perspiration attacks

The frequency can vary considerably, from one day up to one per quarter. Hot flashes often accompanied by sweating attacks, which are so severe that you sometimes have to change you. several times a day when the hot flashes occur at night, you may find that you need even changing the bed.

Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Because the sheets are soaked by perspiration Poor sleep is the result.


* Wear light clothing, preferably of natural substances.

* Choose a blouse instead of a turtleneck. Then you can do a knot open when needed.

* If necessary, several time a day a refreshing shower.

* Make sure you have enough hands. If you are very busy with your work or other activities you paid much less attention to any complaints.

* Take plenty of exercise in the fresh air.

* There are also natural solutions, such preparations with salvia, which help relieve hot flashes and night sweats.

Weight in transition

Find a new balance

Besides the known inconveniences can transition the necessary extra pounds entail. The solution: find a new balance between your diet and your energy.

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In the transition the estrogen levels in the body drops drastically. By estrogen deficiency the body burns fewer calories. The production of testosterone decreases during the transition.

Eating habits