Georgia Education Technology Conference Nov. 6-7 2014


When most of us think of technology, we think of the "stuff" we struggle with day to day to be productive. We can change that line of thinking. Of course part of it is getting the stuff to work, but that's not what technology is all about. At one time, fire, arrow heads, wheels, sails, steam engines, printing presses automobiles, assembly lines, water power, solar power, nuclear power were all new forms of technology., Today we have tablets, smartphones, 3-D printers and more that are relatively new forms of technology. It's not the tool, it's what we do with it that matters. It's harnessing the wind to sail across the Atlantic, It's harnessing space travel to get to mars, it's harnessing the brain to learn how to read, write, and think. This is an exciting time to be alive and we have to learn how to harness technology to engage our digital technology natives.
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Bridging Our Future (long)

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Technology Teams

Technology teams are school-based teacher leaders that work with the district to help support the mission of the school. You start with a teacher leader - not nessarily a technology person, but a teacher leader that other teachers look up to for ideas, advice, and support already. Next you add the media specialist, a techie teacher or two, an administrator and grade level or content level people - one per subject or grade depending on school size. These people are the heart and soul of changing your culture from tech problems to innovation. A culture of engaging digital natives and having in house support. The leader of this group gets a stipend and attends workshops throughout the year, bringing back lessons for technology integration to the staff.

If you what to know more, contact Gary Shattuck - Technology Director for Newton County.

Public Relations

Teacher tools

Google Drive

Google Drive helps you to go mobile because it's available anywhere you go that has internet - In my mind having a Google account is a must for sharing and accessing files on the go.

Having an online calendar whether Outlook or Google is essential for organizing your time anytime, anyplace. RTI data that you need to collect, reminders in calendar, etc... there are unlimited ways to improve your efficiency. The goal is for technology to make you more effiicient. Streamline where you organize your life. I use Outlook at work, I sync my calendar with my phone calendar and record notes and invite others to meetings all while walking down the hall.

Use Socrative for assessing on the fly. Differentiate quizzes.create ticket out the doors or even open ended questions on any device. Resources on how to below: -

From Socrative's website --

It's not just multiple choice -

What Makes You Say That?

As you know, Socrative is a tool that reports what your students know. However, did you know that Socrative can also provide information on how your students are thinking? For example, after a science lesson, a teacher may use a Socrative quiz to ask, “Will a penny, with a density of 2g/ml float in water?” Based upon the student responses, the teacher will be able to see who responded correctly.Then, she may ask, “Please explain your answer to question 1″.Here’s where another component of studentthinking comes in. Based upon this second round of responses, the teacher will be able to see how her students understand (or misunderstand) the concept of density. Using Socrative will allow her to target any remaining misunderstandings in her ongoing instruction.This type of teaching is based upon research on student thinking at Harvard’s Project Zero. It encourages students to share and explain their perspectives by asking,

  • What’s going on?
  • What do you see?
  • What do you know?
  • What makes you say that?

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Google Drive training videos

This link takes you to videos that help with most functions of Google Drive. These are for beginners just starting out with Google Drive. Google products are constantly changing, so slight changes to location of items does happen.
Introduction to Google Drive for Education, Part 1
Socrative Overview Video

Did you know you could create quizes with open ended questions in Brain PoP?

Having trouble getting kids to read?

Try book trailers - -then have your students make their own with imovie or any movie maker.
Why Design Thinking?

What next?

This is my third GaETC. Each year I've been inspired by new ideas. Find one or two technology tools and become masters at those tools. Use them everyday and share your experiences. I'm an administrator and I'm crazy about Smore. I use it everyday and try to convince others to do the same. Learning and sharing to make everyone better is what this is all about. Please send comments or ideas to @stanlearn on twitter.


My November Smore below!

Where to learn more ---EdTechTeam Sourthern Summit

Saturday, Jan. 31st, 8am to Sunday, Feb. 1st, 6pm

The Lovett School

Goggle for Education Conference