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Mr. Charles Darwin

Did you know that Darwin never really considered the finches a part of his research? Well he didn't. In fact, the only time he mentioned those finches was in one paragraph in the revised edition of his journal. They weren't even called darwins finches until 1936 when an ornithologist named David lack wrote a book called darwins finches. However they are still widely used as an example of micro-evolution.
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Galapagos finches

Galapagos finches are a group of 15 species of passerine birds. All of them have a different shape and beak size. This is because of natural selection on the different islands. The islands where their diet consists of nuts is where they have large sturdy beaks. The islands where their diet consists of bugs is where they have small thin beaks.
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In conclusion...

Yes, the galapagos finches were a large staple in micro-evolution theories. But, charles darwin was looking to prove macro-evolution theories. Such as single cell organism to human transformation. So, he almost completely disregarded the galapagos finches. He only found out about the beak differences on accident, even.
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Charles Darwin - Galapagos Finches