Pit bulls the cute and dangerous

By 6 : Haylee C

I have chosen to research Pit bulls . Pit bulls look very cute by they are actually are not people in the United States have problems with Pit bulls its mostly , because there jaws lock while biting its , because they chew with there back teeth and hold on to something with there front teeth for entence a chew toy. Also there are over 20 different breeds in the United States , here are some examples of a certan type of a Pit bull ,Staffordshine bull terrier , that's the kind of Pit bull you don't want to get mad.

Pit bulls come in all different sizes and colors they come in about medium size they are usually short hair some of the Pit bulls are 6-8 inches and if there usually that size they are about (15-20 cm) in there height and in pounds Pit bulls are about (25-35 pounds ) they are (11-16 in kg ) there eyes are almost rounded almond shape and there ears get up to medium size and almost every Pit bull has spots on them .

Pit bulls origante from Europe and also some are from England but only just a few Pit bulls are from America . Pit bulls were born to fight with other dogs . They also had to be handled safely around children and adults . They are also a nervous type of dogs.

Pit bulls are so active after they eat , because they eat a certain kind of nurtures food that gives them vitamin C to get up and jump , run around ,but that's only with some Pit bulls .

Altogether Pit bulls are some what dangerous but they are very cute . Don't forget that Pit bulls jaws lock while biting so if I were you I would not make Pit bulls mad .They are all over the place in mostly Europe and England but now a lot has been brought to America. There are over 20 different breeds and they come in different sizes and color .

Researched By : Haylee C


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