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April 2018

Dates to Remember

WeBo Career Fair: April 11

School Safety Forum: April 12

ISTEP Testing: April 17 - April 20

Midterm: April 20

March's Newsworthy Classrooms

20% Time Project Pitches

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The junior and senior AP Language students are participating in a semester-long 20% time project. This project allows students to work on something that interest them, which has led to a wide variety of projects being completed. For example, students are working on building drones from 3D printed parts, learning how to tap dance, creating non-profits, and completing service projects for their community.

"This idea is taken from Google, who uses it to "encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google." We are carrying this idea to Western Boone in order to encourage innovation, real life problem solving, and critical thinking skills. These students have chosen a range of projects to pursue in various facets of interest. Students have range of topics including drone building and designing, exploring communication, health and lifestyles, using 3-D printers to design and build parts, sewing prom dresses, and making mats for the homeless. On Friday, March 16, students pitched their ideas to students, staff, and community members. They shared their plan, successes, and problems encountered. Students will continue to work on the project until the end of the semester." - Mrs. Walden

"This was such a great opportunity to show fellow students and faculty members all the hard work we have been doing this semester! We got a lot of great ideas that will help us as we continue with our time capsule and I am so glad we were able to do this!" - Katie Baker

"20% time gave me the privilege of exploring my passion for sports. Personally, the whole process validated my decision to major in Sports Management and made me more confident in my next journey." - Dylan Hamerin

“Their questions gave me an idea of what I needed to work on with my project and what I could add on to the project. This also gave me extra public speaking practice." - Alexis Hammon

"I thought presenting the 20% was really rewarding because it was the first time in school I presented something I was interested in. This made presenting easier and a lot more fun." - Jourdan Higgins

"I think it is important for students to learn to independently follow their passions because that is where the best ideas are made." - Miles Clutter

"I loved showing the 7th and 8th graders Peyton and my vegan/vegetarian project! They are so cute and I liked seeing their faces change when they tried our vegan chocolate chip cookies. Overall, sharing our ideas with my younger peers was really cool. Also, we were given freedom on how we wanted to present our 20% project which encouraged me to be more passionate about it." - Carrie Kinsel

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Work, work work! The Western Boone students who put on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs worked incredibly hard to put on two great performances.

"I'm incredibly proud of the students for the show they put on this past weekend. Many of the students who stepped up to be a part of this year's cast had never been a part of the music before or had never had a main role. You would have never known from the performance they gave. Thank you to the parents, community, and administration for supporting our theater program as we continue to grow!" - Miss Pursley

"Congratulations to Adrienne and Cindy on their first WEBO shows! Kudos to all the staff, cast, and crew, and as always, thanks for the memories!" - Mrs. Newton

"I really enjoyed performing Snow White because it was a small cast, which means the cast was a lot closer. Performing with a cast that is small, means that everyone is more willing to help each other out in the areas they are struggling in. I was thankful to finish my senior year off with Snow White." - Rebecca Collins

"I really enjoyed making all the friends. At the end of every performance it is the greatest feeling ever to hear people clapping, and after you leave, you have a musical family that will always have your back!" - Logan Barker

"I enjoyed being in musical because it was a great opportunity that really allowed me to grow as an actress and as a person. I learned how to handle my self in difficult situations and how to help other people so that we could all succeed together." - Madison Williams

"Performing in the musical this year was an absolute blast! All of the long days and nights were worth it with the support we received from the community during and after the shows. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity and chance to take on this role." - Lucille Evans

"It was a lot of hard work, but it was really fun in the end. I particularly enjoyed spending time with Arianna and showing up late to practice with Jack after Taco Bell runs." - Barton Martin

"Performing in any musical has always been very thrilling for me. Snow White particularly had a very tight knit cast so that made performing even more memorable. It was bittersweet for me as my last musical at WeBo, but I’m glad to have ended it on a good note." - Katie Collins

Winning in March

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March was an exceptional month for Western Boone. WeBo students won multiple FFA awards, a broadcasting award, and the girl's swim team won the Sagamore Conference Championship.

The following students won at the FFA District IV Leadership Contests:

  • Makena Jones-Prepared Public Speaker
  • Anthony Keppel-Freshman Extemporaneous Public Speaking
  • Dalton Davis-Ag Sales Presentation and Extemporaneous Public Speaking
  • Sydney Haag- Discovery Creed Speaking and Discovery Plant Science Demonstration
  • Laura Graddy-Persuasive Essay
  • Audrey Knoper and Izzy Moore- Discovery Animal Science Demonstration

Western Boone Radio/TV won 2nd place in the live event category at the IASB State Broadcasters Competition for the broadcast of the Western Boone vs. Danville basketball game. The students who won this award are:

  • Kollin Brunes
  • Sam Wilkinson
  • Peyton Pitman
  • Ona Smith
  • Noah McClendon
  • Logan Skelton
  • Jake McGee
  • Hailey Leonard.

The Girl's Swim team is comprised of:

  • Erin Aliff
  • Shelby Dorwart
  • Kate Fuesting
  • Regan Gubera
  • Macaya Himes
  • Molly Himes
  • Lauren Jones
  • Hannah Long
  • Jenna Mahin
  • Emily Richardson
  • Olivia Richardson
  • Makenna Steimel
  • Alexie Wise

WeBo Art Gallery

Counselor's Corner


The counseling department has been very busy scheduling with students. We are hoping to resolve all schedule conflicts with students this week. We ask that you review the final class list sent home with your child and return it with a signature by Friday, April 13. You also have the opportunity to indicate in writing on the form any changes you would like to request. After April 13, we will be finalizing schedules and cannot honor change requests after that date.


We also hope that seniors are continuing to submit scholarship applications, as many deadlines are approaching. We look forward to honoring our scholarship recipients at our annual awards ceremony on May 9.


Seniors hoping to receive financial aid for 18-19 should be sure to submit your FAFSA no later than April 15. FAFSA must be completed online at and determines your eligibility for financial aid including scholarships and loans. Contact your intended college/university if you have questions about your aid.

Upcoming Events

April 11 will be our 4th counseling block of the year. Students will participate in a variety of activities including a program survey and career speakers. We are delighted at the number of area businesses who are eager to engage with our students.

LOL of the Month

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